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The professional profile Anyone who wants to leave a mark on society or the economy and help shape these areas should consider going into politics. But getting started isn’t always easy. In most cases, aspiring professional politicians prepare their careers in their youth with their entry into one of the youth organizations of the various […]

How To Do A Political Campaign In This Digital Age

In a small, local builder race for town council into a statewide effort, every political effort ought to have an electronic existence nowadays. It is simple, inexpensive, and among the very greatest ways to remain engaged with your own fans. Below are five things people all believe every political effort ought to do digitally in […]

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How to be Political with Fashion

The idea of politicized style is very broad so it is good that there is a range of factors. Fashion does not exist within a vacuum, and with the emerging of modernization and social media, the requirement for accountability has jumped. Co-opted by political moves, a range of brands are aware of the significance of […]


Understanding Political Gift Giving

If Christmas was around the corner, for a lot of Government officials it would be every day. Politics has always been a source of debate. Turning on the television each morning is a testament to that. Each party or individual have either personal or in cases, party goals. They all come up with noble but […]


Governance of Natural Resources in the Manufacturing and Production of Electronics and Appliances

We’ve seen significant advancements in the world. This holds true, particularly in contract transparency and revenue. Its impact on increased accountability, on the other hand, is still a mystery. Without lawmakers making a solid framework, as well as competent institutions, being transparent alone, would not be enough in attaining sustainable development. What is needed at this […]

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Republican presidential candidates, former VP Mike Pence and South Carolina Senator Tim Scott berates Gov. DeSantis for his flimsy anti-abortion stance. The anti-abortion group Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America also criticized DeSantis for his deliberate failure to uphold federal prohibition against abortion, calling DeSantis’ stand against anti-abortion “unacceptable.”

DeSantis Says Ban on Abortion Best Implemented Per State

The Florida governor recently came out with a statement voicing the opinion that abortion ban would be best decided on a state level.

Still, DeSantis gave assurance that he will champion the pro-life and anti abortion policies by way of a bully pulpit all the way to the White House Oval office. He vows to help state and local communities advance the cause of life. The Florida governor maintains the belief that Congress will not institute anything meaningful to legislate policies that prohibit restriction nationwide.

Former VP Mike Pence and SC Senator Tim Scott, are seizing the opportunity to promote their pro-life advocacy for their presidential bid. Mike Pence expressed his pro-life support, promising to be the group’s champion. Unlike Florida governor DeSantis who enacted the anti-abortion bill in his state but without any intention of advancing the legislation throughout and across the nation should he become president.

Republican Senator Tim Scott, on the other hand, strongly says that Republicans must not give up on life. He is in fact against the abortion-on-demand being pushed for in Blue states.

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Family Lawyer

Family law is a complex and evolving field that governs the legal aspects of familial relationships, including marriage, divorce, child custody, and support. The development and implementation of family law legislation are not solely influenced by legal principles and societal norms but are also deeply intertwined with the realm of politics. Politics plays a significant role in shaping family law legislation, as lawmakers like lawyer Augsburg family law (rechtsanwalt Augsburg familienrecht), interest groups, and public opinion all contribute to the formulation and modification of laws that govern family dynamics. In this article, we will explore the various ways in which politics influences and shapes family law legislation.

  1. Public Opinion and Political Pressure: Public opinion and political pressure have a profound impact on family law legislation. Politicians are keenly aware of the sentiments and concerns of their constituents, and they often respond to public demands by introducing or amending family law bills. Divorce rates, child custody disputes, and evolving societal attitudes towards marriage and family dynamics all contribute to shaping public opinion, which in turn influences the direction of family law legislation.
  2. Political Party Platforms: Different political parties often have distinct ideologies and policy agendas when it comes to family law. These ideologies can shape the priorities and approaches of lawmakers in drafting and promoting family law legislation. For example, conservative parties might emphasize traditional family values and advocate for stricter divorce laws, while progressive parties might focus on equality, gender rights, and promoting alternative family structures. The political party in power can significantly impact the direction of family law legislation based on its platform and policy goals.
  3. Interest Groups and Advocacy: Interest groups play a crucial role in shaping family law legislation by advocating for specific causes and representing the interests of various stakeholders. Organizations such as women’s rights groups, fathers’ rights groups, child advocacy organizations, and LGBTQ+ advocacy groups often engage in lobbying efforts and public campaigns to influence lawmakers and push for legislative changes. These interest groups can effectively shape family law legislation by raising awareness, promoting their agendas, and influencing public discourse.
  4. Judicial Appointments: The appointment of judges and justices at various levels of the judicial system is a political process. The political ideology and beliefs of judges can significantly impact family law decisions and interpretations. As judges interpret and apply existing laws to specific cases, their decisions can set precedents and shape the direction of family law jurisprudence. The appointment of judges who align with specific political ideologies can have long-term implications for family law legislation.
  5. Legislative Processes: The passage of family law legislation often involves extensive debates, negotiations, and compromises within legislative bodies. Political factors such as party affiliations, coalition building, and the legislative agenda influence the outcomes of these processes. Political leaders and lawmakers engage in discussions and deliberations to shape family law legislation, taking into account diverse viewpoints, public sentiment, and the political landscape.


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Family law legislation is not immune to political influence. Politics plays a significant role in shaping and modifying family law laws, driven by public opinion, political party platforms, interest group advocacy, judicial appointments, and the legislative process itself. Understanding the interplay between politics and family law legislation is crucial for comprehending the dynamics behind legal changes that impact individuals and families. By recognizing the role of politics, we can better analyze the motivations and consequences of family law legislation and work towards a more equitable and responsive legal framework for families.

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Impact of Politics on Business and the Economy

Technology has a great impact on modern society. Social media and data analytics have changed political campaigns and communication. Politicians can use Facebook and Twitter to connect with voters. Political staffers and officials also use Microsoft applications to organize and interact with their teams. Anyone interested in politics must comprehend technology and politics in this digital age. 

Offices leverage the internet to purchase and download Microsoft products. The most purchased and downloaded Microsoft product on EcoKeys website is Windows 10 key. Microsoft Office Suite is only partially free. While certain versions and options require a purchase or subscription, Microsoft offers a limited version of Office for free, or Office Online. Office Online provides online versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote that can be accessed through a web browser. Users can create, view, and edit documents using these online versions without installing the software on their devices.

The Role of Technology in Shaping Politics Today

In contemporary culture, politics is essential as it permeates every aspect of society, including the economy, social welfare, international relations, and domestic policies. The influence of technology on politics further amplifies its significance. Technological advancements have brought about transformative changes in political systems, campaigning strategies, and citizens’ engagement with the political process. Politicians’ decisions and policies, shaped by the integration of technology, have far-reaching implications for the lives of residents. Consequently, it is crucial to grasp the profound impact of technology-infused politics and its effects on society.

Government and Society

Technology plays a vital role in the intricate relationship between government and society. Politics, as a cornerstone of societal governance, profoundly influences various aspects of people’s lives. The integration of technology into political processes has further intensified this impact. Technological advancements have enabled politicians to shape policies and decisions that directly impact livelihoods, including job creation, healthcare provision, education, and beyond. In modern democracies, technology empowers individuals with the freedom to elect their leaders and actively participate in shaping the nation’s future. Thus, the marriage of politics and technology has become indispensable, providing a platform for people to express their views, contribute to the democratic process, and collectively drive social progress.

Economics and Politics

The business landscape is heavily intertwined with politics, and the influence of technology adds a new dimension to this relationship. Government decisions concerning trade agreements, taxation policies, and regulations have a profound impact on companies and the overall state of the economy. Technological advancements have further magnified this influence, as digital transformations reshape industries and economies. Economic policies shaped by political choices can either foster or hinder growth, investment, and job creation. It is crucial to comprehend the intricate connections between politics, technology, and business to navigate the evolving landscape effectively. This understanding allows businesses to adapt to regulatory changes, harness technological innovations, and make informed strategic decisions in an ever-changing political and technological environment.

Politics and International Relations

Politics, encompassing foreign affairs, is a multifaceted discipline where technology plays an increasingly crucial role. Foreign policy, with its focus on alliances, commercial agreements, and diplomatic relations, is intricately intertwined with the use of technology. These choices have profound consequences, shaping how a nation interacts with other countries and yielding far-reaching effects. Politicians’ decisions in the realm of foreign affairs, influenced by technological advancements, have the potential to significantly impact national security, economic health, and the overall well-being of the populace. By leveraging technology, governments can enhance international cooperation, facilitate cross-border communication, and address global challenges, all of which have become indispensable aspects of modern political discourse.

The Value of Political Engagement

The significance of civic engagement cannot be overstated, particularly in the context of advancing technology. In order to ensure that their voices and opinions are effectively heard, citizens must actively participate in the political process. This engagement encompasses various actions such as casting ballots, running for office, and engaging in political discourse. Technology has transformed the landscape of civic engagement, providing new avenues for individuals to express their views, connect with like-minded individuals, and mobilize collective action. From online platforms for political discussions to social media campaigns, technology has empowered citizens to actively participate in shaping the political discourse and influencing decision-making processes.

In contemporary culture, the importance of politics is paramount, and the integration of technology further magnifies its impact. The economy, social welfare, international relations, and domestic policies are all profoundly affected by political choices. To ensure that their opinions are not only acknowledged but also taken into account, it is imperative for citizens to recognize the significance of politics and actively engage in the political process. With technology at their disposal, citizens can access information, follow political developments, and engage in discussions that shape the policies and decisions that impact their lives. Through active participation, citizens play a pivotal role in holding elected officials accountable and driving positive change within their communities and beyond.

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A bankruptcy is a legal process where an individual or an organization is unable to pay its outstanding debts. The bankruptcy laws vary from country to country, but their primary purpose is to provide a fair and transparent framework for debtors and creditors to settle their obligations. However, bankruptcy laws can also serve as a powerful tool for political change, as they can impact the distribution of power and resources in society. In this article, we will explore how bankruptcy laws can lead to political change and how they can be leveraged to promote social justice and equality.

Shifting Power Dynamics

One of the key ways that bankruptcy laws can lead to political change is by shifting power dynamics. Bankruptcy proceedings can be a way for the less powerful and less wealthy to renegotiate the terms of their debts, giving them leverage to negotiate with creditors and challenge the existing power structures. For example, in the United States, bankruptcy laws have been used to reorganize distressed corporations and negotiate more favorable terms for employees, workers, and other stakeholders. Get the legal advice from San Diego bankruptcy lawyer if you’re experiencing these challenges. 

This can lead to significant changes in the balance of power between debtors and creditors and can have far-reaching political implications.

Redistributing Wealth and Resources

Bankruptcy laws can also play a role in redistributing wealth and resources in society. In many countries, the wealthy are often able to use their financial resources to avoid paying their debts, while the poor and middle-class are often left to bear the burden of their financial obligations.

Bankruptcy laws can help level the playing field by giving all debtors, regardless of their financial resources, a fair and transparent process for resolving their debts. This can lead to a more equal distribution of wealth and resources, and can have far-reaching political implications, such as promoting social justice and reducing income inequality.

Challenging Corruption and Mismanagement

In some countries, bankruptcy laws can also be used to challenge corruption and mismanagement. When companies or individuals engage in unethical or illegal behavior, they can often accumulate large amounts of debt, which they may be unable to repay. Bankruptcy proceedings can provide a mechanism for creditors to recover their losses and for the government to hold the corrupt or mismanaged entity accountable. This can help to promote transparency and accountability in business and government, and can have far-reaching political implications, such as reducing corruption and improving governance.

In conclusion, bankruptcy laws can play a crucial role in promoting political change, as they can shift power dynamics, redistribute wealth and resources, and challenge corruption and mismanagement. By providing a fair and transparent framework for debtors and creditors to settle their obligations, bankruptcy laws can help to promote social justice, reduce income inequality, and improve governance. As such, they should be viewed not only as a tool for resolving financial difficulties, but also as a means for promoting positive political change in society.

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TikTok, the social media platform that is known for its 15-second videos, has become a new frontier for political engagement. From serious discussions on current events to lighthearted skits that make fun of political figures, TikTok is becoming a hub for all things political.

What is TikTok Politics?

With its massive user base, TikTok is an incredibly effective tool for political campaigns and organizations to reach a younger demographic. TikTok’s algorithm curates’ content that is most relevant to the user, making it easy for users to find political content that aligns with their beliefs and interests. 

This has led to the platform becoming a hub for political activism, as users are able to connect with others who share similar views and engage in meaningful discussions.

How is TikTok used in politics?

In recent years, TikTok has been used to organize protests and raise awareness about important political issues. 

TikTok users have created viral hashtags to show their support for movements like Black Lives Matter and LGBTQ+ rights

These hashtags have become a powerful tool for rallying support and amplifying voices that might otherwise go unheard. However, TikTok is not just a platform for political activism; it is also becoming a tool for political satire and comedy. 

TikTok users are using humor to comment on current events and political figures in a way that is both entertaining and thought-provoking. From impersonations of politicians to political parodies, TikTok is a platform where users can explore their political opinions in a lighthearted way.

TikTok as a tool for political engagement

TikTok is becoming a powerful tool for political engagement. From serious discussions to comedic skits, TikTok is a platform where users can connect with others, voice their opinions, and make a difference. 

As the world becomes more politically divided, TikTok offers a unique opportunity for people to engage in meaningful discussions and find common ground.

In conclusion, TikTok has become a new frontier for political engagement and is likely to play an increasingly important role in shaping public opinion in the years to come. Whether it’s through activism, satire, or comedy, it’s a platform that offers tiktok volgers the chance to explore their political views in a way that is both entertaining and impactful.

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Wherever there are people, you also encounter office politics. Don’t shy away from it or worry about it. What looks like office politics will take care of itself. Be confident that only the best would happen to you and that you would only do the best. Keep these sayings with you like a gem.

If you are working in garden panels in bespoke sizes offices and want to resist politics, you only get deeper into office politics. Your perception will become political and you will become paranoid about it. For those who are paranoid about office politics, only get deeper into it. You shouldn’t care about office politics, then she can never worry you.

What is office politics?

Different people have different ways of thinking, and they broadcast their opinions. These views stay for a while, then everything changes. Some people will praise you, and those same individuals will make horrible remarks about you. All of this is very ordinary. You should just take it for granted. If you don’t, you will become tense. And when you’re tense, you’re no longer aware of how you’re behaving.

Luxury Screens

How to grow beyond garden panels office politics?

The problem is that people expect everyone to be Mr. or Ms. Perfect. People want the behavior and interactions of others to be perfect. They wish everyone else were saints, but they are not. It is this expectation that causes the problem. And when someone does something different than what is expected, that’s office politics.

People’s activities are nothing but politics. It doesn’t always have to be dirty, though, although sometimes it is. So just let it be. It takes quite a lot to go beyond all of that and keep one’s mind in the infinite. But that is enlightenment. You rise above everything.

Water is never afraid of mud. If something is dirty, just pretend you are water and can wash it all away. Just remember that office politics is mud, and you are the water that washes it all away.

If you live on this planet, you will hear both compliments and snide remarks from people. You will take care of office politics. Never complain about folks playing power games. They always have and will continue to do so.

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The Internet is playing an increasingly important role in conveying politics and in getting citizens involved in politics. It offers new opportunities for information, communication, and participation, which young people in particular use in a variety of ways. The important potential of the new medium is seen in its possible involvement in the democratization of the public. Through participation opportunities and political knowledge, citizens could be more actively involved in shaping all areas of life and thus strengthen citizen-oriented democracy. Through social networks like Reddit, people can read more here and download videos about political information.

Nonetheless, the expansion of Internet use so far also shows the risk of a “digital divide” in society because of a growing gap between non-users and users. This development can cause or increase social inequalities, as the level of education, social status and gender determine the information and political participation opportunities.


Reddit: Internet and political engagement of young people

The Internet is particularly important for the political commitment of the younger generation. This is shown by the results of the various Shell studies in which the understanding of politics and the forms of political participation of young people between the ages of 15 and 25 are regularly researched with the help of representative surveys. It became clear that a large number of young people are involved in various political and social contexts, e.g. in a non-governmental organization or party, an association or in the churches, in the student council, or on an Internet discussion platform.

A significant result was the tendency towards party disenchantment of young people. Most of them don’t like to participate in traditional huge organizations. The main reason is that the associated bureaucratization, hierarchical, rigid structures, and inflexibility are excluded. Furthermore, there is great skepticism about ideological ties and restrictions.

Potentials and dangers of the internet

The important potential of the Internet is seen in the possible involvement of this medium in the democratization of the public. Through participation opportunities and better information, all citizens could become active designers in all areas of life and responsible political citizens. The Internet would thus also make a decisive contribution to democracy that is close to the people and to more transparency in political structures and processes.

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Without a strategic approach to building an online presence, your group’s efforts to use social media for political communication will hardly bear fruit. Even the most avid “posting” of news will have little impact unless embedded in a communications strategy.

Rules for a successful social media and politics online presence

Know your target group

Political messages placed online must be tailored to the different groups in the electorate. The different groups can be young, old, socially committed, people with a strong self-reference, well-off, low-income, people with a strong sense of responsibility towards the environment, or rather thoughtless. The aim here is to clarify which sections of the population can best be reached with the respective concern and activated as followers.


Know what you want

Formulas that describe a mission are recommended for the objective of the social media strategy.

Activate the user

Social media should not only serve to present the parliamentary group and its work to the network community. Of course, the focus must be on dealing with the content of the political issues. However, entertainment is also allowed and is almost expected on all social media platforms.

You generate sympathy if, as a politician, you occasionally allow glimpses into your private life. Short posts of personal impressions, each with a picture create closeness and connection and motivate users to like, share or even comment on the respective post.

Take the social seriously

Social media in politics means not only posting. It is also sharing and commenting on the content of fans and followers. This strengthens the virtual loyalty of the online community. Followers can express their political support at the next local elections.

To encourage this helpful interaction, the faction needs to stay close to the users. Therefore, determine in the communication strategy how responsiveness is guaranteed.

Know what you achieve

Merely defining the goal and determining the measures required to achieve it is not enough. Continuous monitoring of the degree of goal attainment is always necessary.

What have you achieved with your campaign so far? Ask yourself this question regularly and use social media management tools to get answers.

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The growing confidence that Republicans had in taking back House leadership is fast eroding after the second most violent school shooting happened last week. The Robb Elementary school shooting incident in Uvalde, Texas, had once again demonstrated how loose gun control laws enabled an 18-year mentally unstable person to purchase an AR-15 assault rifle.

A few days after buying the gun, the shooter used it in killing 2 school teachers and 19 helpless 4th grade school children. To many Republicans, the incident was untimely because the National Rifle Association (NRA), the largest political donor of Republican candidates, was about to celebrate the Second Amendment to the US Constitution, which gave US citizens the right to own and bear arms for whatever reason they deem it necessary.

Anti-Abortion and Gun Control Issues Do Not Bode Well for Republican Candidates

However, the spate of mass shooting incidents this year, which has already totaled 223 in May does not bode well for Republican candidates. This latest development further impacted support for the Republicans, when in April it was learned that the Supreme Court is poised to overturn the Roe vs Wade ruling made 50 years ago. The said ruling somehow prevented other states to enforce their anti-abortion laws in the past decades but are still in place in the event that said Supreme Court ruling is reversed.

Apparently, Republicans will face debates over abortion and guns on shaky grounds. Many in the highly educated sector and most people in the suburbs where GOP candidates suffered defeat, do not support anti-abortion laws. Although many support the second amendment, nearly 89% wants to have stricter regulations over gun ownership.

Will Democratic Candidates Win More House Seats this Coming Mid-term Election?

Democrats on the other hand have gained much support in major US cities and in white-collar communities where people greatly support giving women the right to choose abortion when necessary and in instituting stricter gun control laws.

These are the same political points of view that earned Democrats the votes they needed to regain control of the House of Representatives in 2018.

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This week, Russian President Putin recognized two Ukrainian regions as independent pro-Russian territories; signifying agreement to Russia’s occupation. That being the case, the US government believes that Russian troops will make a move to occupy the two regions on Monday evening.

The Russian president signed decrees that recognize the Luhansk People’s Republic (LNR) and the Donetsk People’s Republic (DNR) as Russian allies, which was recently broadcasted on state television.

A United Nations Security Council meeting was urgently held at Ukraine’s request to US Ambassador to Ukraine, Linda Thomas-Greenfield. The latter said that Putin’s action of recognizing the two territories is only an excuse to invade Ukraine, and that referring to the forces as ‘peacekeepers’ is just nonsense.

US Government to Sanction Ukraine’s LNR and DNR regions

As response, POTUS Joe Biden will order new sanctions to be imposed, regarding financing and trade in the Moscow- reNR and DNRcognized territories. President Biden will sign an executive order that would bar US citizens and entities from trading, financing and making new investment either to or from the LNR and DNR regions. The White House also mentioned additional measures will be imposed as a result of Russia’s violation of international commitments.

In the meantime, the US government continues to observe Russian preparations for a wider invasion, such as mobilizing equipment for airborne units, as well as loading amphibious ships, im addition to preparing their troops for a Ukraine invasion.

According to a senior US administration official, Russian troops are getting closer to the border but diplomatic solutions remain as options, not unless Russian tanks start rolling in past Ukraine’s borders.

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Many lifetime connections will be formed when individuals work together on a daily basis, yet arguments will surely arise regardless of the type of business, such as Milpitas towing. This is true even if the majority of workers work from home.

One of the most important skills for every professional to develop is how to cope with differences and collaborate. Tips on how workers and executives may successfully handle office politics, whether they work in the office or remotely, are included below.

1. Maintain a sense of realism while remaining empathic.

It’s difficult to read your audience while using Zoom or video conferencing. After a meeting, follow up, ask additional questions, and give them the benefit of the doubt. Everyone is dealing with their own set of problems, so use your compassion muscle.

2. Always be genuine.

Your sincerity will always be your most valuable asset. Do what you say, keep your promises, and avoid becoming the kind of person who waits for public opinion before acting. Authenticity is essential in the workplace.

3. Practice active listening.

In order to navigate workplace politics, you must be able to actively listen. With video chat and email being the primary modes of communication among remote employees, it may be difficult to precisely discern someone else’s tone, much alone reasons.

4. Don’t be afraid to ask the difficult questions.


People will constantly gossip, and some will attempt to get your input. “Have you discussed your issues with that person directly?” ask a coworker when they start discussing workplace politics with you. Do you believe you might reach your objective more quickly if you went straight to the source?”

5. Assume good intentions.


Whether at the workplace or in the virtual world, people remain the same. When it comes to dealing with workplace politics, I recommend taking the high road. Assume good intentions and engage in dialogues to learn more about what’s going on so you can maintain strong working relationships.

6. Develop an attitude of service.

Unless one comes to perceive things differently, political landscapes will continue to hold sway. Self-centered vision must give way to selflessness, which is led by love, the desire to serve, and the desire to see the good in others.


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Politics can be confusing, but it’s not something you should ignore. Politics have a major impact on your everyday life, from the price of your food, opening your Santa Clara towing business, to the safety of your streets. If you don’t know what’s happening in politics, you could end up voting for someone who doesn’t share your beliefs or values. That’s why it’s important to pay attention and make sure that your voice is heard. Here are three reasons why you need to pay attention to politics:

  • You want a say in how we should live our lives;
  • You want to vote for someone who will do what they say;
  • You don’t want politicians making decisions for you;

How will it affect me?

The current political climate is having a major effect on your life. Whether you’re for or against the President, the country, and its policies will affect you and your daily life. If you don’t pay attention to politics, you won’t know what’s going on and how it might be affecting you.

What should I do?

You should find out about the issues that are important to you and make sure that your voice is heard. Pay attention to news sources other than mainstream media to get multiple perspectives on current events.

Don’t let yourself forget about an election year because it’s easy for this to happen when we’re bombarded with ads and hype from all sides of the aisle. It’s important for people like you to be heard and make sure your voice is counted in this election year!

Why should I vote?

You should vote because your voice matters. If you’re not sure what to do, then vote for the person who has the most experience or is most qualified. You should vote if you want someone who will fight for people like you and represent your interests in Washington.

Voting allows you to have a say in how our country is run, which means your voice will be heard on important matters. Your vote matters, so make it count. Vote for the candidate that shares your beliefs and values or find out more about their stances on issues that are important to you.

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Barack Obama


They are usually held to the next standard than the final public and want to take care of an honest image in the least time. While politicians could appear put together, they’re still human, and abuse knows no bounds.

Addiction Among Politicians

With such high-pressure lives, it shouldn’t be surprising that drug abuse in politicians can occur. While there are politicians who use drugs or alcohol to address their hectic lives, most aren’t willing to admit it.

Barack Obama

Famously came out and admitted his drug use in his younger years was former President Barack Obama. He has confessed to using various sorts of drugs including most notably, cocaine. The simplest part of Obama’s story is that he was ready to eventually become the President of the US. If you, too, are combating abuse, addiction treatment conducted by facilities like detox Phoenix AZ could facilitate your turn your own life around.


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Patrick Kennedy

This former House of Representatives member from Rhode Island has personally struggled with psychological state problems that led to addiction. Instead of hiding his issues, Kennedy has incorporated his personal experiences into his political program. He’s now an advocate for the psychological state within the US and was appointed to the President’s Commission on Combating habituation and also the Opioid Crisis. If you or a loved one is battling a poor psychological state alongside addiction, holistic addiction treatment will specialize in just the physical aspects of addiction alone.

David Paterson

A former big apple state governor, David Paterson admitted in a very television interview that he had tried both marijuana and cocaine in his young twenties. “More Americans have gone on to steer responsible lives and hopefully have lived their lives to the fullest and tried lots more during that period of your time,” he went on to mention. While many young adults experiment with drugs, it’s important to acknowledge when experimentation turns into an addiction and you wish help with formal treatment.

Politicians certainly aren’t perfect. There are politicians who smoked, politicians who have used drugs, and lots of politicians who have lied about their drug or alcohol use. It’s important to recollect that everyone makes mistakes, but you’ll be able to learn from them and move forward together with your life.


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The Supreme Court decided to hear oral arguments about the legal challenges raised against the Texas abortion law in as early as November. However, the Court allowed the law to take effect last September.

The Supreme Court also decided to hear oral arguments on questions raised about the authority of the federal government to infringe on the authority of states to enact an unusual law. The question about federal authority includes whether injunctions issued to block enforcement will apply to state judges.

The decision to defer action came after the government of Texas petitioned the high court to reject the federal government’s request to block the enforcement of the newly enacted abortion law, while in the process of deliberating all legal challenges filed against SB 8.

Still, one of the associate SC justices, Sonia Sotomayor remarked that the Supreme Court should have issued a restraining order that would put the Texas law on hold, while they are considering the appeals and the issues. Justice Sotomayor wrote ” Texas women seeking relief offered by abortion receive nothing but cold comfort in allowing SB 8 to take effect in Texas.” Mainly because even if hearings will take place in as early as November, decisions will not be made until after several months.

What Makes the Texas Anti-Abortion Law Different?

While in essence, the Texas abortion law bans abortion, but will allow it only within the first six weeks, of pregnancy, before a heart beat is detected. However, the problem with the exception is that many women are not even aware that they are pregnant during the first 6 weeks of pregnancy.

Moreover, enforcing the law does not require action by state authorities, as any private Texas citizen can file a lawsuit against any individual who helped a pregnant women have an abortion for which a $10K fine will be imposed.

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The procedural vote to approve Biden’s infrastructure agenda, which the US Senate is working on as a bipartisan package, has been met with prolonged delays. As recourse, Democratic leader and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said that they will ditch the bipartisan track and instead proceed with the voting process via the “reconciliation” procedure on Wednesday, since it does not require a majority of 60 votes to officially approve the infrastructure bill.

While the move puts pressure on Republican negotiators who are trying to seek alternative methods of paying for the proposed infrastructure projects, Democratic leaders fully support Sen. schumer’s decision to proceed with reconciliation.

Nonetheless, Senate Majority Leader Schumer assured the GOP Senate negotiators that the reconciliation procedural vote does not pose as finalization of the bill but only to set the legislative process in motion on the Senate floor. The procedural vote was announced last Monday, after Republicans advised Schumer for yet another delay by deferring the bipartisan voting, in light of ongoing negotiations.

He added that in proceeding with the infrastructure bill they could do it by way of the bipartisan track which requires at least 60 votes coming from both parties. However, since many of the GOP senators are against the infrastructure bill, delays in negotiations have prolonged decisions in putting the bill up for voting on the Senate floor.

Once the infrastructure bill passes through reconciliation, Democrats will begin with a different $3.5 trillion infrastructure package, unaffected by the proposals of GOP negotiators. After all, the Democrats now represent the majority party in the Senate. However, the reconciliation procedure is not always applicable as it can be used only on proposals related to budget provisions.

What GOP Senators are Saying?

One of the negotiating group’s leaders Republican Senator Rob Portman, has announced that he will not vote for the bill if the legislation is still not ready. Moreover, he mentioned that their group has rushed to prepare a proposal urging the IRS to improve their methods of tracking tax evaders.

Senators of the same group shared that in their discussions, they have come up with provisions that will bring back the imposition of fees on chemicals being used to help support acking the Superfund program. The latter is a program that carries on with clean-ups of contaminated sites where toxic wastes have damaged the area. Still, the GOP negotiators requested Schumer to postpone the move to vote on the infrastructure bill.

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Ideally, the system of awarding a contract to provide police tow services involves a vetting committee to ensure standards set by council officials are met. Prompt and reasonably priced services are the foremost considerations for the issuance or renewal of a towing contract with the local police department. While such system is regarded as fair, there are cases in which towing companies face unfair competition caused by political machinations.

Case Example of How Politics Cause Unfair Competition Among Towing Service Operators

Just recently, an article carried by local news website Nevada Current, aired the complaints raised by towing companies against Nevada Governor Sisolak. The companies alleged that decisions for issuance of new towing contracts with the Nevada Metro Police were influenced by the financial contributions to the incumbent governor’s campaign funds,

Yaron Cohen, owner of a company called Fast Tow alleges that the granting of police tow services contracts across Southern Nevada has become 100 percent political. Cohen bewailed the participation of AutoReturn in the contract-awarding system. He asserts that AutoReturn’s involvement has increased towing costs, which has been detrimental to consumers in more than two dozen counties and cities being served by AutoReturn.

Actually, AutoReturn is not a provider of towing services but a towing management firm. It is a third party in charge of contracting towing companies that will provide the towing services requested by law enforcement agencies in Southern Nevada. The contract-awarding system apparently increased the costs of towing services, since AutoRetun is actually in the business of brokering deals in behalf of towing service operators in Nevada .

Chris Giunchigliani, the former Commissioner of Clark Country said that under the system, local police departments are no longer involved in the franchising of towing services, because a “middleman” is now in charge. The former commissioner added that Governor Sisolak has in fact used his position as member of County Commission and of the Fiscal Affairs Committee of Metro Nevada, in endorsing towing contracts.

According to Nevada Current, Governor Sisolak has not responded to their request for comment, specifically about issues connecting tow contract endorsements to his political campaign.

A Look at How the State of California Awards Police Tow Services Contracts

Cities and counties in California puts in place policies on how franchises to towing firms are awarded. However, their policies must be consistent with the guidelines prescribed by the state of California.

Under California laws, an “Official police tow service” refers to a towing company that has been approved by the city or country government to provide towing services to the local police department. As such the company’s towing services whether for medium or heavy duty towing as required by the situation, will be utilized by the local police department.

In formulating policies governing awarding of towing services contracts, it should be the intent of the city or county council to provide an equitable and impartial means of awarding towing services contracts to qualified towing firms operating in California. While many qualify, not all are applying for contracts to become official police tow services providers.

There’s probably a thousand or more towing companies operating across California. In the state’s 198 cities alone, at least 352 companies are on record as providers of towing services.

Some specialize in providing towing services and road side assistance to small to medium size vehicles, while some others are in the business of rendering heavy duty towing and recovery services to companies that deal with heavy equipment and payloads. In addition to local police departments, other organizations that award contracts to tow service operators, are property management firms, parking lot owners, subdivision associations and credit or lending companies partnering with car dealers.

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Is there a connection between politics and business? Politics is made by charismatic people, with speech, who feel or want to change something in the lives of others, who manage to arouse enthusiasm, sympathy among us.

What do both politics and towing businesses need?

Both politics and business such as towing service san jose need a plan, a program, strategies to meet a goal, the first a collective goal and the second a personal goal. But politics also involves something, namely public policy, which influences, among other things, business.

towing service

Politics through the programs assumed by politicians set the approach, the development perspective of the society, a society that includes people who have businesses, but also others who want one or who are just employees, retirees, children, and young people.

Society is like a forest, some trees are good, some very good, and some worse. The trees in this case are public policies and what is done happens from the lowest to the highest level. Some are very good and we love them, others we see hideous and inadequate, but looking at the whole forest nevertheless, it does not turn out that the forest is good and we just need to work on those less good trees to bring them in line with the others. That means public policy. To see what the needs of reality are in a certain field of activity and in order to reach a very good result, a fragment in smaller steps that you do one by one until you reach the result, considering that each social category can benefit from the result.

Public policies and towing service business

Public policies are the most important and that is what politicians should talk about when they ask for our vote. To present us a plan and the steps for its realization. Just like when we start a business, we have an idea, a field of activity, and outline a plan to get to have a successful business.  But a business without a plan fails from the start, as does the policy.

It must be understood that politics is done as a business, but it does not mean business.

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Last April 14, nearly all senators voted in favor of proceeding with the deliberations on the COVID-19 Hate Crimes Act, to address attacks on Asian-Americans. Even if authored and sponsored by Democratic lawmakers in both lower and upper houses, 92 senators from both parties cast overwhelming votes to proceed, with only six Republicans voting against the bill.

While most Senate Republicans have indicated reluctance in opposing the bill, as well as in exercising the filibuster, lest they be criticized as insensitive, 6 senators voted against proceeding with the bill. The six include Senators Tommy Tuberville of Alabama,Tom Cotton of Arkansas, Roger Marshall of Kansas, Rand Paul of Kentucky, Josh Hawley of Missouri and Ted Cruz of Texas.

Senator Mitch McConnell, who is himself married to an Asian American who was appointed secretary of transportation under the Trump administration, said that Republican Senators are hoping to at least debate the bill for possible amendments. Unlike his fellow Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, McConnell said he believes discrimination against Asian Americans is a real problem.

Actually, the alarming increase in racist sentiments against Asian Americans, had in fact heightened under the Trump administration. The ex-president himself took every opportunity to blame China for the COVID-19 pandemic, while all the while uttering derogatory language and derisive nicknames that only served to fuel his supporters’ hatred of all Asians.

Key Provisions of the COVID-19 Hate Crimes Act

The COVID-19 Hate Crimes Act aims to address attacks on individuals by people for no reason, other than perceiving that their victim’s race, gender or sexuality is linked to the spread of the coronavirus.

A person within the Justice Department will be assigned to review all reported hate crimes and to expedite the necessary actions; including providing support needed by local law enforcement in order to effectively respond to such incidents.

The Justice Department will also be tasked to stop the use of discriminatory language when describing the pandemic. Since this particular provision will apply to Trump, a GOP senator will likely debate against its inclusion in the final bill.

State and local law enforcement agencies will receive federal guidance on how to establish online systems for reporting hate crimes.

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After voting to acquit ex-president Trump on charges of inciting the Capitol riot last Jan. 06, Sen. Mitch McConnell delivered a speech blaming Trump. Although, the Kentucky senator’s vote couldn’t have changed the outcome of Trump’s second impeachment trial, because the count still wouldn’t have reached the required ⅔ majority for a guilty verdict. Still, many question McConnell’s motive for delivering a speech conveying that he believes Trump was responsible for the Jan. 06 riot.

The former Senate Majority leader said

“This (The riot) was the peak of the intense conspiracy theories encouraged by the former president, all bent on reversing the people’s decision or otherwise intended to bring down institutions on his way out. Furthermore, Trump’s unreasonable behavior didn’t cease even when there was already violence taking place.”

McConnell Wants Trump Tried by Way of Judicial Systems

McConnell tried to defend his “Not Guilty” vote by saying that the obligatory sentencing is not applicable to Trump as he has already left the office. McConnell is of the opinion that the process of impeachment pertains to removal from office. He asserts that Trump is still not free from being held accountable for the results of his actions while in office. He cited that there is a dispute resolution in the country, which do exempt former presidents from being held accountable.

Based on the overall context of his post-acquittal speech, it seems the senate Minority Leader wants the Justice Department to take on the cudgel of prosecuting Trump — along with the Trump supporters who participated in the Jan. 06 Capitol riot.

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Republican Senator Lindsey Graham of S.Carolina has been formally cited by 3 top ethics experts as a subject for investigation by the Senate Ethics Committee.

Their request for Sen. Graham’s ethics investigation is in connection with the information disclosed by Georgia’s Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger to the Washington Post. SoS Raffensperger made public Graham’s suggestion to him to disempower voters from Georgia by not including their votes during the manual recount.

What the Georgia Secretary of State Revealed to the Washington Post

Apparently, Georgia’s SoS feared for his and his wife’s safety since he told the Washington Post that they have been receiving death threats as he insisted on protecting the integrity of the election in his state. According to the Georgia SoS, the death threats came after Georgia’s two Republican Senators namely: Senators David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler, asked him to resign; and at the same time make claims about election irregularities despite the absence of evidence.

Considered as one of Georgia’s most powerful officials, Mr. Raffensperger said he was being pressured by his own party to make claims of voter fraud. Still, he continued to defend his position that there is no reliable evidence to support large scale cheating during the election.

Presumably, the last straw that broke Mr. Raffensperger’s back so to speak, was when Sen.Graham called him and suggested for the Georgia SoS to discard all mailed-in ballotsfrom counties with a high rate of signature mismatch. Mr. Raffensperger believed that Graham wanted him to order his office staff to throw out valid ballots that have been legally cast.

The Ethics Watchdogs Calling Senator Graham’s Investigation

The political ethics experts who requested for the Senate Ethics committee to conduct the investigation are Walter Shaub, Richard Painter, and Claire Finkelstein. Walter Shaub is a former top ethics watchdog of the federal government, while Richard Painter served as the Chief Ethics Lawyer under the Bush administration. Claire Finkelstein is currently the Director of University of Pennsylvania’s CERL or Center for Ethics and the Rule of Law.
Through a letter, the three jointly wrote a request to Sen. James Lankford (R-OK) and Sen. Chris Coons (D-Dela) who both lead the Senate Ethics Committee, seeking for an investigation on the allegations aired by Georgia SoS Raffensperger to the Washington Post. They wrote that applicable sanction or any other form of pertinent remedy must be carried out if Raffensperger’s allegations are proven true, because that denotes Graham’s conduct is “unbecoming of a senator.”

Senator Graham Denies the Accusations

During an interview with CNN, Graham denied SoS Raffensperger’s allegations, saying he called the Georgia SOS only to ask about the database used by the state and the signatures verification methods used when verifying mailed-in ballots. He further defended his call to the Georgia SOS by saying he had also asked the same questions from the State Secretaries of Arizona and Nevada.

However, both the SoS of the States of Nevada and Arizona said they have not been in communication with Senator Graham at all. That being said, Senator Graham changed his statement saying that he could not remember whom he spoke with in Nevada, but he was able to speak to the Governor of Arizona about the matter.

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After threats of arrest by Congress, the U.S. Postmaster General does a turnabout by working toward convincing American users about mail-in voting safety.

Louis DeJoy, the current head of the U.S. Postal Services (USPS) had previously ordered changes in U.S. post offices, which resulted in widespread disruptions of postal services throughout the country. DeJoy did so at the behest of Donald Trump, who has openly declared war against the USPS as a way to prevent mail-in voting in the forthcoming general elections.

However, DeJoy apparently was not prepared to face the wrath of Congress and its threat of ordering his arrest, as he had quickly changed the tone of his directives. He quickly suspended implementation of all changes in post office operational systems until after the results of the November general election are in. Still, DeJoy is scheduled to appear in two Congressional hearings scheduled on Friday (August 21) and on Monday (August 24.)

DeJoy Does a Turnabout by Going Against Trump’s Allegations of Mail-In Voting Fraud

In preparation for the Congressional hearing, U.S. Postmaster General DeJoy quickly took actions that would put him in a better light. Controversy erupted after several post office workers, through their unions, leaked information about the changes and disruptions taking place in U.S. postal offices.

The ensuing uproar led to an emergency closed-door meeting with members of the Postal Service Board of Governors, CNN gathered from a source that the Postal Service agency has engaged the services of Public Relations company, Weber Shandwick. The move to hire the PR firm is to carry out a crisis messaging campaign aimed at combating the misinformation being spread by Trump against the Postal Service and the alleged frauds related to mail-in voting.

Presumably the first step that DeJoy is about to carry under the guidance of the PR firm is the public service announcements that DeJoy will hold in local television stations in September. DeJoy is set to appear along with the leaders of several related union organizations such as the National Postal Mail Handlers Union, the National Association of Letter Carriers, the National Rural Mail Carrier Association and many other unions of different regions.

In the meantime, the Postmaster General is said to be personally seeking an audience with Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Democratic Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer.

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Road construction workers throughout California are taking advantage of reduced traffic due to extended orders to stay home. With reduced traffic, road construction projects are able to speed up the completion of road projects.

The contractor said that under temporary contracts with the US Department of Transportation and local government agencies, they worked full day instead of night, thereby extending working hours and immediately closing longer roads.

Saich-Mando construction company Teichert vice president Ed Herrnberger said: “People have realized that they can do more with less traffic, and this is happening.” Matt Rocco, a spokesman for the California Department of Transportation, said the city’s traffic volume has dropped by an average of 36%.

Teichert is working on a truck scale near Citrus Heights. This project can usually support traffic on Interstate 80 in the United States. Hernberg said that the company must wait for the project to start until the outside temperature is high enough to prevent packaging at night, but the company can now start during the day.

Hernberg said that an important project is to increase lanes on Interstate 5 south of Sacramento. The project is shifting from night shift to day shift. Russell Snyder, chairman of the California Asphalt Pavement Association, said that similar changes in the entire state project “are expected to complete road renovations faster and save taxpayers’ money.”

After passing a new gasoline tax in 2017 to raise more funds, the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) launched a series of new road construction projects. Each gallon of gasoline increases by 12 cents, and each new capital is expected to increase by $5.4 billion annually.

At this point, it is too early to say how California’s “home education” to reduce gasoline use will affect future road improvement budgets. Rocco, a spokesman for the California Department of Transportation, said the department is “monitoring the decline in traffic and the update or change in revenue estimates.” This will be reflected in the revised national budget proposal. Gavin Newsom will be released in May.

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Improved Worker Safety

Senior vice president of Granite Construction, based in Watsonite, said that statewide construction changes have improved worker safety. Redditch said driving at night is more difficult and harmful to workers due to the danger of lane changes, reflective markings, lighting, and flares.

Improve visibility to make it safer during the day. In order to minimize the risk of coronavirus, workers should keep a distance of at least 6 feet as much as possible, and wear protective equipment and disinfection tools each time they are used. He said the company is shifting workers from projects with limited space (such as buildings and basements) to open road projects.

He said the company is booking hotel rooms for every employee, not two. If people suffer from chronic diseases or worry about safety, they do not have to go to work. He said that Fresno employees worked longer and last longer on a project on Bardsley Avenue. He said that the work schedule for the desert city has changed and the rotation project will be completed five weeks ago.

“In the end, these projects are expected to be completed as soon as possible and will reduce the overall impact on the public,” said Radici. 

According to the agreement with Caltrans and the local government, the project will resume its normal plan when traffic returns to normal levels. Rocco said some projects are undergoing changes as planned, but due to the coronavirus, some projects have been shelved. This includes a $46 million project to repair the 99th daytime road ramp at the Sacramento County border crossing from Galt to Smithhorn and to raise U.S. legal standards for people with disabilities.

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A video ad summarizing the results of Trump’s continuing inability to lead the country out of the COVID-19 crisis was released by anti-Trump GOPs last Monday.


Apparently frustrated by Trump’s continuing attempt to cover-up the real conditions faced by the nation, a group of Republicans calling themselves as proponents of The Lincoln Project is behind the creation of the video. The purpose of which is to open the eyes of the American public, particularly the undecided voters who could still be misled by Trump’s dangerous, life-threatening lies and self-aggrandizements.

According to “The Lincoln Project co-founder, Jennifer Horn, the “Mourning in America” video reflects how the greater American public is mourning the loss of families, friends, livelihoods and daily routines. Losses that continue because Trump and his administration still carry out half-hearted and often false responses in addressing the COVID-19 pandemic.

Trump’s Faulty Leadership and Misinformation Causing Further Divisiveness Among Americans

Trump’s faulty leadership, including his insistence to reopen economies against the advice of health experts and scientists, and over the protests of state governors, has spurred lockdown protests; further fueling the growing divisiveness among American citizens.

On one hand, there are the protestors, mostly Trump supporters who believe that the impact of the COVID-19 crisis is being overplayed as a way to discredit their president-elect.

On the other hand are the people who continue to observe lockdown and social distancing measures, out of respect for the health workers who continue to make self sacrifices in order to care for the millions infected by the coronavirus and save them from possible death.

Pro-Trump Organizations and Radical Right-Wing Groups Behind the Lockdown Protests

Although Trump is not openly supporting the lockdown protesters, he has not taken any actions to convince them about the importance of keeping the lockdown measures in place until it becomes safe for the people to go out and engage in economic activities.

In fact reports have it that the protest actions are being funded by the pro-Trump organization Michigan Freedom Fund that has links to Trump’s much-criticized Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos. The support in turn encouraged street-fighting groups like the Proud Boys, anti-vaccination groups, armed militia groups, religious fundamentalists, and other radical right wing conservatives.

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Trump and his administration’s shifting explanations in justifying the recent military actions launched against Iran, prompted two (2) House Democrats to pass resolutions aimed at curbing Trump’s authority as Commander-in-Chief of the U.S. armed forces.

Members of the House of Representatives are poised to vote on the two proposed bills on Thursday, January 30, 2020.

Resolution to Restrain Unauthorized Use of Federal Funds for Launching Military Actions vs Iran


Democratic Representative Ro Khanna of California proposed a bill that bars the U.S. president from using federal funds in launching military offensives against Iran, without authorization from Congress; not unless the military action is an act of self-defense or a means to prevent an imminent strike against the U.S.

The Trump administration offered explanations that shifted from self-defense to imminent strike. Whereas initially, Trump was proud to announce that he ordered the drone strike that killed Iran’s Gen. Qasem Soleimani as an act of retaliation for the many deaths resulting from Soleimani’s support of proxy terrorist groups.

Both the Pentagon and Trump cited in particular the rocket attacks launched by Iraqi militia groups that killed an Iranian-American hired to render translation services for the U.S. The decision to launch the offensive relied on the basis of reports that the Iraqi militia groups are actually Iranian proxies, despite the Iranian government’s denial of such allegations.

It was only later when questions were raised about the Soleimani attack that Trump administration officials started offering explanations that it was for the purpose of warding off an imminent attack; albeit presented without proof. This claim was not even backed by the current Secretary of Defense Mark Esper.

Repeal of the 2003 Law that Gave the U.S. President Authority to Use Military Force in the Iraqi Invasion

Democratic Representative Barabra Lee, also from California, proposed repealing the 2003 legislation that gave the U.S. President authority to mobilize military forces in invading Iraq. Apparently, the administration that pushed for that legislation used it as justification for launching hostile attacks on the grounds of self-defense.



Similarly, officials of the Trump administration have also cited this law in support of Trump’s authority to approve the drone strike that killed Gen. Soleimani.

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Do you ever wonder why so many people love to ride motorcycle? Like people who are rich and have plenty of cars sometimes preferred to ride a motorcycle? Well there are plenty of reasons for that: in some countries, motorcycle as a means of transports is much more convenient and less hassle compared to traveling through car and wasting time in traffic, also, motorcycle is a form of sport and people who are fond of motorcycle have lots of motorcycle collections. Basically, what people drive to buy a motorcycle are practicality, convenience, and passion.

Lots of people have motorcycle regardless of gender, age, and nationality. Even national figures have such vehicle. If you think that only artists as public figures have a motorcycle, then you are wrong. Even politicians like riding a motorcycle, or at least have many collectibles.

To have a deeper understanding why many people like motorcycle, below are some reasons:

1. Having/driving a motorcycle gives suspense – one of the most common reasons why people love motorcycle is that the feelings it gives is different and addicting once you started driving it. Compared to driving a car, driving a motorcycle is more thrilling and exciting, it feels like you are on a video game. Also, we have to admit that the risks o driving a motorcycle adds up to the thrill. But of course, one must prioritize safety. Look at this post to know what gears you must wear.

2. Avoids Traffic – well, if you are going t ask me, I prefer to ride a motorcycle instead of car especially when I am gonna be late at work. Since motorcycle only needs small space, it can easily sneak out of traffic. The only problem is that it is not that secured compared to cars. If it happens to rain, you will probably get wet.

3. Save huge chunk of money– having a motorcycle is much cheaper compared to having a car. It is no surprise why there are motorcycles that operate like taxi and grab car. You just have to install the application and book in advance. The fare is much cheaper compared to Grabcar and taxi. Also, you will get to you desired destination safely and much faster.



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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the New York Democratic representative, announced last Saturday (October 19, 2019) that she is backing up Senator Bernie Sanders’ bid for presidential nomination under the Democratic party.

Ms. Ocasio-Cortez’ endorsement, being one of the most sought-after, injected the much needed boost in bringing hope to Senator Sanders’ faltering presidential campaign, The latter was temporarily stalled after undergoing heart surgery at the height of his political campaigns; but was able to emerge as fit and raring to go during the October 2019 Debate in Ohio.

Sources said that while Senator Sanders was recuperating from a heart attack episode, Ms. Ocasio-Cortez gave him a call to inform him that she was endorsing his candidacy. It was widely known before that the influential Congressional freshman was choosing between Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. She said she saw in both of them what she was looking for in a presidential candidate:

1) Focus in addressing income inequality that has long affected the working-class people of America, and

2) The determination to tackle the problems and issues related to climate change.

Why AOC Chose to Endorse Bernie Sanders Over Elizabeth Warren

Fondly referring to the 78-year old Senator as “Tio Bernie,” which translates as Uncle Bernie, AOC fondly recalls how the Senator had provided her and people like her, the hope and inspiration to work toward improving their life in America. His grassroots campaign made her believe that it is possible to win a seat in Congress and become the voice of her people.

At the time when she was one of the many middle class workers who received the least in minimal wage for working 12 hours a day without no structured break time, she did not think her kind was entitled to such things as health care benefits. Everything changed when she heard Bernie Sanders spoke about recognizing their inherent values not only as human beings; but as citizens of the U.S. who deserve health care, housing opportunities, educational services and a decent living wage.

According to Ms. Ocasio-Cortez, she found it difficult to choose between Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. She arrived at a decision to choose Tio Bernie because of how he became an inspiring force in her own drive to become a Congressional representative of her district.

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Soomo Publishing went around to ask people on the street on what is the purpose of the government. This video is interesting as people have almost the same thoughts on what is the purpose of the government. It all boils down to “government is for the people.”

Watch the video below.

People On The Street – What Is The Purpose Of The Government

So what is really the purpose of the government?

The primary purpose of the government according to Scot Schraugnagel, Ph.D. includes to make laws, to maintain order, provide security, protect the citizens from external threats, and promote the general welfare by providing public services.

Below is a brief rundown of the purpose of the government taken from Purposes Of Government | American Government by Course Hero

Purposes Of Government | American Government

The Government Establish Laws.

All governments enact laws however the law-making process and systems vary from country to country.

  • In an absolute monarchy or dictatorship, laws are proclaimed by a ruler.
  • In a democracy, laws are made by the people or more commonly through elected representatives.

Central to a democratic government is the principle of the rule of law – the idea that all people and institutions within a state are subject to the same laws. These laws must be publicly recorded and forced equally across the population and interpreted by an independent and unbiased body such as a judicial branch. Both the governed and those who govern are equally protected and accountable for their actions.

The Government Maintains Order and Security

All governments work to establish order and security but the underlying goal of that purpose can vary.

  • Under an authoritarian government, the purpose of maintaining order is in large part to maintain the stability and security of the regime.
  • In a democratic government, the rule of law or commitment to laws is used to maintain order and provide security within the state.

The preamble to the constitution causes this, ensuring domestic tranquility. This tranquility includes providing institution such as the criminal justice system which has the role of protecting citizens from everything – physical harm to destruction or theft of personal property.

The government also institutes the civil justice system as a mechanism citizens can use to tell disputes. Another key component in maintaining order and security.

The Government Protects The People From External Threats

The protection provided by the government is not confined to maintaining order within its borders. The state also provides security from external threat. This includes physical attacks such as terrorism, invisible attacks such as cyber espionage. Moreover, the government has the authority to raise and maintain a military for defense purposes and the power to declare war.

The government can promote international security by participating in diplomatic efforts, signing treaties and other international agreements, sending ambassadors to other countries to represent the country and its interest.

The Government Provide For The General Welfare

Welfare in this sense pertains to happiness and well-being within the society. Governments provide a range of services to achieve this broad purpose – from public education, financial support to the old, maintaining a safe and efficient infrastructure such as highways and bridges, and providing access to clean air and water.

Final Thoughts

While the government moves and acts for the people, mainly for the protection and general well being of the people, the people likewise have a responsibility to themselves. While security protection is very important and a top priority, people can take measures to further protect themselves and their property by a simple installation of Window Security Film through a trusted security film company.

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Starting your site is an adventure. You’ve got to  visually determine your passions and analyze yourself afore you put out to start your website. Most people use or build site for business that needs an ecommerce seo audit, well every website to  have  many patrons needs such service. However, if you are not into business one topic area that’s the most enthusiastic of almost any is politician blogging’s domain name.

Yes, the said topic could also be the most controversial, but the more controversial your topic is, the more visitors will be eager to visit your site and it will definitely create traffic. Are there some conceptions about politicians and blogging? Not really. And If you will find it’s likely to perpetuate to become prosperous if you realize how to present your case economically and if you’re cognizant of the way to handle.

With what is happening in one’s country, people would be wanting to acquire an opinion, built or they are now on the lookout for a struggle. A person to cope with any situation, whether it is personal or politics, a site with a related topic will ease someone’s anxiousness.  Here’s a little secret about politics. Whether you are left wing or right wing, then you might earn a situation. The sole real secret within this scene is merely one, who can not explain the”why” of what he believes. And that’s the audience that’s pundit’s vast majority. The news is that: you have got an advantage among these writers that are political in the event that it’s possible to associate your ideas.

Be yare there’s a debate to discover some answers. Learn how to react with no imperilling your own notions and without backing down from those. Since when they can’t assail you locate a spike in trolls in relation to politician issues. You’re liable to come across both kinds. You’re liable to have people, who agree with you. You need to express, and talk about them about the networks together with remarks and their pals, that is the essence of building such website.

Political blogging works than any remotely blogging because emotion is preponderant and is comprehended by it. Since you’re a community that is impassioned, if you would enjoy, then choose to site about politics, conflicts in the government, corruption, etc.

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Negotiations to end America’s trade war with China collapsed last Thursday (May 30, 2019), with U.S. negotiators accusing the Chinese government of not honoring the terms agreed upon in previous negotiation talks. After the collapse, both countries issued statements signifying determination to go into a long battle, making farmers even more vulnerable to the hard stance taken by the Chinese government on U.S. agricultural products.

When he made his remarks about the collapse at the White House, U.S. president Donald Trump immediately reached out to the agricultural sector by flanking himself with gentlemen in cowboy hats, looking like midwest farmers and ranchers. Trump asserts that China has been taking advantage of America for far too long, whilst vowing to protect the agricultural industry that Beijing is using to harm the U.S. economy.

In order to help agricultural states weather the effects of trade retaliations with China, Trump directed the US Agriculture Department to make available $16 billion, as aid to farmers. The amount ordered released is in addition to the $12 billion in emergency relief extended as financial support by the Trump administration last year.

Additional aid will come by way of a $1.4 billion program that will see to the purchase of surplus commodities impacted by the ongoing trade war. Purchases will then be distributed to different programs for the less fortunate, including food banks and school feeding programs. Another $100 million will be released in launching initiatives for the development of new export markets for the benefit of American farmers.

Trump argues that China will be footing the cost of the billion dollar aid, through the retaliatory tariff that the U.S. will collect from China’s importation of U.S. agri-products. Yet this is hardly the scenario that is looming, because China vows to channel all agricultural imports to other countries, particularly Brazil, America’s closest competitor in the agri-export trade.

Actually, the financial aid, which the Trump administration is doling out to farmers comes from a Depression-era $30 billion borrowing program of the Treasury Department. Release of the funds does not require Congressional approval should the Executive Branch decide to tap it. It is quite clear therefore that the money being doled out to farmers as financial assistance still falls on be shoulders of America’s taxpayers.

Understanding the Impact of the China Trade War on U.S.Agricultural States

Last Saturday, the Chinese government hiked its tariff on U.S. import goods to 25% as retaliation to Trump’s raising of the U.S. 10% tariff on Chinese importations to 25%. The raised Chinese tariff affects not only the U.S. soybean-producing farmers, as it is now imposed on virtually all U.S. agri-products imported by Chinese businesses, including pork, beef, apples, oranges and almonds. The announcement of the tariff raise, also mentioned a move to cancel a major pork order that is expected to really hit hard the states of Ohio, Iowa and Wisconsin.

Since the number of bankruptcies among farmers continues to rice, they are not at all too happy with Trump’s financial aid announcement. They are saying that they do not want another government check. What they have been hoping for was for things to go back to normal, because once they lose a market, it would be difficult to get it back.

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As we navigate an increasingly divided world where politics dominate the news cycle, it’s crucial to ensure that our homes provide a haven from the chaos. One way to achieve this is through a comprehensive home inspection. By thoroughly examining the physical and digital aspects of our living spaces, we can create a sanctuary that allows us to escape from the stress and negativity of the outside world.

As the world becomes increasingly polarized and politics dominates the news cycle, it can be difficult to escape the constant barrage of opinions and rhetoric. For many people, home is the only sanctuary they have from the chaos of the world. But even our homes can be infiltrated by the stresses of politics. This is why it’s important to create a political sanctuary in your own home, a place where you can escape from the world and recharge.

Creating Your Political Sanctuary

Creating a political sanctuary in your home starts with choosing a room or area that will be designated as your “safe space.” This area should be free of political paraphernalia or any reminders of the outside world. Consider decorating this space with calming colors or items that bring you joy.

In addition to physical decor, consider the ambiance of the space. Soft lighting, calming scents, and soothing music can all contribute to a relaxing atmosphere.

Digital Cleanse

In today’s digital age, it’s important to consider the impact of technology on our political sanctuary. Social media and news apps can bring the outside world into our homes and invade our safe space. Consider implementing a digital cleanse by taking a break from social media or limiting your time spent on news apps.

In addition, consider the devices you bring into your safe space. Consider setting boundaries for when and where you use your phone, tablet, or laptop.

Communication Boundaries

Even within our own homes, we may encounter differing political opinions from family members or roommates. It’s important to establish communication boundaries to maintain a peaceful environment. Consider setting ground rules for political discussions, such as only discussing politics at designated times or in designated areas.

It’s also important to remember to respect each other’s opinions and to listen without judgement. This can help maintain a positive environment even when opinions differ.


Creating a political sanctuary isn’t just about physical and digital boundaries. It’s also about taking care of ourselves. Self-care is important for maintaining a positive mindset and reducing stress. Consider incorporating activities that promote self-care into your daily routine. This can include things like exercise, meditation, or simply taking a relaxing bath.

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In today’s political climate, it’s important to create a space in our homes where we can escape from the chaos of the world. By implementing physical, digital, and communication boundaries, as well as practicing self-care, we can create a political sanctuary in our own homes. Remember, a political sanctuary isn’t about ignoring the world around us, but rather taking a break from it to recharge and maintain our mental health.

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A fundamental right and the basis of democracy is the right to vote. It gives people a say in determining the course of their nation’s future and holds elected authorities responsible. In modern times, just as how technology modernizes everything we have now, from gaming to more secured elections, digital voting solutions can substitute traditional methods and bring more efficiency and accessibility to the electoral system.

Challenges in Accessing Voting Rights for All

Long lines at the polls are one of the main problems with the traditional voting procedure, which discourages and frustrates voters. Additionally, voter suppression techniques like voter ID laws and gerrymandering can make it difficult for some groups to cast ballots. Disenfranchisement may occur if people who are physically unable to visit polling places or those who live in remote areas.

Worldwide Digital Voting Solutions

However, technology has the ability to address these issues and improve the effectiveness, inclusivity, and accessibility of the voting process. In many jurisdictions or nations, digital voting technologies have been introduced or tested, demonstrating the potential of technology to fundamentally alter how we vote. For instance, some nations have put in place online voting systems that let people vote from the comfort of their homes or through safe mobile apps. 

These technological advancements can decrease wait times, boost voter turnout, and enhance accessibility for people with disabilities or those living in rural places.

Exploring the Future of Digital Voting Solutions

In the area of digital voting solutions, blockchain technology, a decentralized and secure digital ledger, has also attracted interest. By ensuring that votes are securely recorded and cannot be altered, blockchain can add transparency, security, and integrity to the voting process. By confirming voters’ identities, biometrics such as fingerprint or facial recognition can also improve the security and precision of computerized voting systems. Despite the potential advantages of digital voting methods, there are also worries and dangers that might exist, including cybersecurity threats, privacy issues, and the possibility of voter fraud. 

In order to safeguard the credibility of the voting process, any installation of digital voting systems must be properly assessed and equipped with strong security measures.

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The production and consumption of products and services within an economy rise over a specific time period is referred to as economic growth. On the other side, environmental protection refers to the maintenance and defense of the natural world and its resources. While any society’s development and progress depend on economic expansion, it frequently comes at the expense of the environment. This has made it necessary to strike a balance between environmental protection and economic growth.

Sustainable Development as a Solution

The promotion of social well-being and cultural diversity must coexist with economic progress, environmental protection, and other elements that are taken into account by sustainable development. It recognizes the interconnection of the economic, social, and environmental systems and highlights the significance of equity and justice in resource distribution. We can create communities and economies that are more resilient and better able to respond to future challenges like climate change, resource depletion, and social inequity by implementing sustainable development principles.

In the end, sustainable development aims to improve the planet for everyone, both now and in the future.

Green innovations and technologies

Technologies and developments classified as “green” are those that support environmental preservation and sustainable development. These advancements in science and technology aim to lessen the environmental impact of human activity. Electric vehicles and alternative energy sources like solar and wind power are two examples of green technologies and inventions.

Environmental Consequences

Economic development and growth have substantial environmental effects. The creation and consumption of products and services frequently lead to environmental deterioration, including the depletion of natural resources, pollution of the air and water, and the extinction of species. In developing nations, where economic expansion frequently compromises environmental protection, the environmental effects of economic growth and development are particularly severe.

Sustainable development requires striking a balance between economic expansion and environmental preservation. In order to achieve this equilibrium, green technology and breakthroughs are essential. Environmental preservation and sustainable development are goals shared by governments, corporations, and individuals. The preservation of natural resources and the encouragement of economic growth that benefits both the present and future generations are only a few of the advantages of sustainable development, despite its hurdles.

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Politics plays a significant role in the streaming industry. It has an impact on the way fans watch football and how they experience it.

The streaming industry is a major market that is growing at a fast pace, with over 1 billion people worldwide watching football online. The influence of politics has been felt in this sector.  Countries have banned certain football streams and blocked access to some websites that stream games.

With the increase in popularity of sports streaming apps like hesgoal, it is important to understand how politics impacts this sector. In addition, it is vital to understand how they affect the customer experience.

The Impact of US Politics on football streaming apps

The US has been involved in a lot of political conflicts around the world. That’s why people are looking for alternatives to watch their favorite sport. Football streaming apps have become popular in recent years. They are now a convenient way for people to watch their favorite sport without having to be in front of a TV.

The popularity of these apps has led to an increase in the number of streams and subscriptions. This is good for sports leagues and advertisers. But, it also leads to problems like copyright infringement which is bad for both parties. This has led some leagues like FIFA to crack down on illegal streams and subscription services.


What is political diversity in sports?

Political diversity in sports is a relatively new concept. This can be seen as a social movement that seeks to increase the representation of people from different backgrounds, genders, and races in the sports world. Sports fans and politicians can do this by increasing the number of athletes coming from different countries. They must involve more women in sports and create programs that encourage children to participate in physical activities.

How sports streaming apps can adapt to political changes around them

With the rise of political changes, sports streaming apps have been forced to adapt. The biggest challenge they face is how to keep their users engaged with their content at a time when politics are dominating mainstream media.

Sports streaming apps have proven themselves as a way to keep people engaged with their content. They offer a variety of options for content consumption and provide users with an escape from the political world.

The sports streaming app will be able to remain relevant by finding ways to address these changes head-on and stay on top of what’s happening in the world around them.

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Hessen’s carpenters celebrated a premiere in March: On the occasion of the first spring reception guests from politics, crafts and society came to Aßlar to the company Pfeiffer GmbH & Co. KG. Keynote speaker Dr. Hermann Otto Solms, honorary chairman of the Free Democrats, called on the carpenters like to accompany the new grand coalition critically.

With regard to the coalition agreement, he made it clear “that there is no progress for the economy”. It was a “business as usual” and the agreement of the coalition partners without perspective. Demographic change, globalization, and fewer skilled workers are now challenging the economy and in the future. “We need to become more flexible and efficient and adapt to the challenges,” says Solms. The economy must focus on this. prepare. For the doubling of tax revenues in recent years, It is important to note that those who have achieved this increase will be left to something. But “there is nothing in it from a tax point of view”. It is therefore necessary to review the projects of the Grand Coalition to accompany them critically.

State guild master Wolfgang Kramwinkel welcomed fellow craftsmen from Hesse and Rhineland-Palatinate. Including the President of the Chamber of Crafts Wiesbaden Klaus Repp, District Master Craftsman of the Lahn-Dill District Craftsmen’s Association Ralf Jeschke, and its managing director Sebastian Hofmanns. Accepted the invitation also the former president of the Landesinnungsverband für das Tischlerhandwerk Reinhard Nau. Further greetings were given by Klaus Repp and Ralf Jeschke, who In this context, it is important to stress the importance of the role of the European Parliament in the development of the European Union.


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In his welcoming speech, Kramwinkel illuminated the Light and Shadow of the coalition agreement. Vocational training and the “planned Exemption from fees for prospective masters is very welcome.” The long overdue step in the right direction “forces the Equal treatment between academic and vocational education’. Boys This opens up new and future-oriented craftsmen and women Career opportunities. The personal promotion sought creates a Uniform and competition-neutral regulation, with which Carpenters pave the way for higher qualifications.

He delivered a colorful bouquet of topics for discussion. The new GDPR, bureaucracy reduction, and diesel driving ban lined up alongside vocational training, digitalization, and recruitment of young talent.

Holm Pfeiffer, Managing Director of Pfeiffer GmbH & Co. KG, welcomed the guests. He introduced the company and thanked it when to be the first organizer of the Hessian spring reception.

With this first event, the Hessian carpenters founded a new tradition. Henceforth, they meet annually at a company to fill the dialogue between crafts, politics, and society with life and to promote. Getting to know, networking, and discussing are goals that Entrepreneurs are important. The exchange of information lays the foundation for making oneself heard. Dialogue between crafts and politics means also to learn from each other in order to meet future challenges together master.

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November is Coming



Welt: Ms. Wagenknecht, you are now leaving the front row of politics. How afraid are you of falling into a hole?

Sahra Wagenknecht: I don’t have that fear at all. I’m staying in the Bundestag. I now have much more time to do things that are important to me. I will read more books again. I will publish more again. I’m also thinking of a book project. Finally, I don’t have to invest so much energy in things that just wore me down.

What does this farewell mean to you?

Wagenknecht: I am saying goodbye to the office of parliamentary group chairman, where I had to deal again and again with internal attacks and unpleasant disputes. For me, politics means publicly promoting my ideas, for a fairer society in which there is more social cohesion and not just competition and selfishness. In order to make good suggestions, you need suggestions and time to think. In recent years, I have only rushed from appointment to appointment. In the end, no creative politics comes out of it.

What does freedom mean to you?

Wagenknecht: Freedom is the opportunity to shape one’s life according to one’s own ideas, develop one’s abilities, and remain true to oneself.

What is the highest form of happiness for you?

Wagenknecht: Politics is never luck, but of course, one is happy when one achieves political success. But only a great love and close partnership that catches and carries you, no matter what else happens, can make you happy.

How narcissistic are you?

Wagenknecht: A real narcissist who lacks empathy for other people. But it was precisely those who are not on the sunny side of life that were and are the reason for me to get involved politically. I find it intolerable how divided our society is and how many today no longer achieve solid prosperity despite hard work. If I had only thought of myself, I probably would never have gone into politics.

Don’t you have to be a narcissist as a politician? Why else do you do these marathon hour days? In addition, narcissism also includes the desire to be loved.

Wagenknecht: There are politicians who enjoy it when they get a hall going. It’s foreign to me. Of course, I am happy when I can give people hope when I notice that they are going along with a speech. But for me I don’t need that, I’d much rather be at home in the evening than on stage.

Do you feel something like power when you perceive that you have grabbed the audience?

Wagenknecht: I have never structured my speeches in such a way that I try to create an intoxication. First and foremost, I want to reach the head and then the stomach.

They always seemed strange to me at big performances: on the one hand able to captivate the audience, but on the other hand, distanced and introverted. Is the impression deceptive?

Wagenknecht: I don’t want to seem distant, but there is always a certain shyness, even after hundreds of performances.

Were there also moments when you were afraid of the audience? A cake once flew in your face. There were also death threats.

Wagenknecht: Yes, after the cake attack, I initially had problems being closely surrounded by many people. That may sound ridiculous, but the cake didn’t hurt me. But it showed me that I would be vulnerable if someone put it on.

They are more likely to come across as a harsh, also cool person. Why is that?

Wagenknecht: Many people experience me mainly on talk shows. But the talk show is a battleground: you are attacked, defend yourself, attack yourself. Of course, you behave differently than at a relaxed garden party. Many people who got to know me privately at some point told me that they were surprised because they had a completely different image of me.

What can you laugh about with all your heart?

Wagenknecht: Oh, about the most stupid things! Sometimes we watch failed political appearances at home, you wouldn’t believe how funny that can be. Of course, I also laugh about good cabaret or satire. And sometimes about myself.

You suffered from burnout a few months ago. Shouldn’t burnout be more aptly described as “exhaustion depression”?

Wagenknecht: Yes, I was completely exhausted and burned out. Nevertheless, I was probably still lucky. It was not a deep depression and so I got back on my feet relatively quickly.

Is a top politician allowed to show weakness? On the one hand, authenticity is demanded of him, on the other hand, a weakness is mercilessly impaled.

Wagenknecht: The higher you are in politics, the harder it is to show weakness. When Mrs. Merkel trembled at three appearances in the summer, a completely exaggerated debate began: “Can she still be chancellor?” This kind of public dealing leads many politicians to try to hide weaknesses.

Who changed whom more: Sahra Wagenknecht the Federal Republic or the Federal Republic Sahra Wagenknecht?

Wagenknecht: Well, probably the Federal Republic of Germany Sahra Wagenknecht. I have lived here all my adult life and my spiritual development took place essentially after 1990. The ideas of ordoliberalism, to give just one example, have strongly influenced my thinking. It would also be bad if I saw everything the same way at 50 as I did when I was twenty years old.


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To what extent is the frustration of having achieved too little also a reason for your departure?

Wagenknecht: Of course, I wished I could move more. That’s where the idea of founding “Aufstehen” came from. It is a misery: there are clear majorities in the population for a more social policy, for less inequality. But the parties that should stand for these goals are staggering from one electoral defeat to the next. Except in Bremen and Thuringia, this election year was a disaster for the Left Party and we don’t need to talk about the SPD. “Getting up” would have been a chance for both parties, but it was rejected. Currently, red-red majorities are more distant than they have been for a long time. But my withdrawal does not mean that I give up my political goals. We urgently need a different policy, not only socially, but also economically. The misconception that the market fixes everything has caused Germany to fall behind technologically. When it comes to digitization or green technologies, we are completely behind. This endangers our prosperity.

You moved to Saarland years ago. To what extent has this changed your view of things?

Wagenknecht: I grew up in a Thuringian village and never really liked living in the big city. That’s why I feel very comfortable in my small village in Saarland. I think the political debate suffers from the fact that far too much is thought from the big city because most journalists and many politicians come from this milieu. From the refurbished old building in Berlin-Mitte, you can confidently condemn the car or the oil heating. In rural areas or in small towns, life looks different. There are hardly any industrial jobs in Berlin, but in many places, these are the only ones that still enable good prosperity. There is too much political ignorance of such interests, not only among the Greens, but now also among the CDU.

What does friendship mean to you? Is there friendship in the life of a full-time politician?

Wagenknecht: For me, friendship means absolute trust and reliability, which means being able to open up. That’s why it hardly exists within politics, but rather with non-politicians.

If there is hardly any absolute trust in politics, how important is a partnership or marriage for the psyche of a politician?

Wagenknecht: For me, that’s existential. I wouldn’t have survived the past four years if I had lacked support at home. There are probably politicians who live only for politics and for whom the spotlight and applause replace the partner. I couldn’t live like that.

What was the biggest insult you have experienced as a politician?

Wagenknecht: The photos with the face smeared brown by the cake. And defamation as a racist and nationalist.

And vice versa: Is there a moment in which you say: Here I have hurt someone, consciously or unconsciously?

Wagenknecht: Consciously not. Unconsciously, I have certainly sometimes hurt people. Everyone wants recognition, and I have often not put myself sufficiently in the shoes of others.

To what extent does fatigue in the power game contribute to your departure?

Wagenknecht: Without the internal attacks, the last few years would not have been nearly as exhausting. I coped quite well with the exhausting election campaign in 2017. But constant calf biting wears down at some point.

Do women deal with power and power intrigues differently than men?

Wagenknecht: There are women of power who are as brutal as many men. Hillary Clinton comes to mind, or Maggie Thatcher. Mrs. Merkel has a different style, but she is of course also a skillful power politician. At some point, their inner-party competitors were all gone. Ultimately, political style is not a question of gender. Think of Willy Brandt. He was certainly not the classic power politician.

What does it mean to be a politician as a woman?

Wagenknecht: In politics today, it is not necessarily more difficult as a woman. However, one is more under observation as far as appearances are concerned. If I wear the same costume too often, I get emails: “Put on something else!”. I can’t imagine that this is also the case with men.

What would have had to happen politically to keep you in active politics?

Wagenknecht: If I had received sufficient support and been given the freedom to concentrate on what I am good at, it would of course have been easier for me. I’m not a good networker, not someone who hugs everyone or hangs on the phone at night to get the necessary support votes the next morning. Perhaps a group chairman must be able to do that.

Can you imagine an event that brings you back to the front row?

Wagenknecht: You should never say never, but at the moment I’m glad that I have new freedom and can lead a quieter life for the time being.

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To many car owners, their vehicle seems like having the capability to run forever if given the required repairs and maintenance including regular car washes. However, car washing that does not thoroughly remove overlooked elements like salt that mixes with water can easily lead to rust formation and corrosion.

In northern states, it was discovered that the underbody of cars rusted easily because of the salt added to roads. Ot’s a measure necessary to make the roads less slippery during wet and winter seasons.

The roads in the northeastern states are wet and icy during the winter period, these states are also known as the “salt belt.” Since salt was discovered to have been the cause of rust and corrosion in the underbody of vehicles, all northeastern states are included in the so-called “rust belts.”

These salt belt areas have been the hardest hit as far as car rusting is concerned. Mainly because sliding that resulted in frequent road accidents had to be addressed by de-icing the roads with salt. This is achieved by the addition of salt to lower the freezing point from 32 degrees centigrade down to 20 degrees. However the vehicle’s under body and tires pick up amounts of salt, which if not properly removed through proper washing, can build up salt that turns into rust when combined with water.

Why Salt is Also an Issue for Florida Vehicles

Unfortunately in Florida, although this state is considered a getaway from the wintry climate of northern states, salt is still an issue.

The region’s location along the Gulf of Mexico makes salt unavoidable for most vehicles, even for new cars located in coastal areas.

The mixture of water and salty air on automobiles that occur in Florida’s seaside locations, seep into crevices and minute pores of the metal. The mixture later oxidizes to become the beginnings of rust.

Although most garages in Florida’s seaside homes are enclosed. the enclosures only trap moisture common in places that have high humidity levels and frequent thunderstorms. The same thing happens to vehicles protected by car covers but parked outdoors.

Are Cars in California Less Likely to Rust?

Inasmuch as the state of California has fewer rainfalls and lower humidity, cars are generally rust-free. Not unless the automobiles are situated in California’s coastal areas or in mountainous locations that need to de-ice the roads to make travel safer.

Still, don’t just take our word for it because there are certain negative indications, such as rusty patches appearing in other cars in your area. It would be best to take action by using a protective car cover to keep the rust away.

However, when buying from an online car cover store. make sure to consider the location of your car when choosing a type of cover. The best online car cover dealers are those that offer free shipping and 30-day money back guarantee if the car cover delivered does not provide the protection promised.

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Standard policies are guidelines that are created to establish the framework of a company. They are meant to provide guidance on what the company wants its employees to do and how they want them to do it.

Standard policies can be for all types of work, such as marketing, finance, HR, and sales. They can also be for specific departments like customer service, accounting, or human resources.

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Best Practices for Your Business with Standard Policies

Business owners must make sure that they have a standard policy in place when it comes to their business. This is because they need to be able to address issues and concerns before they become bigger problems.

A standard policy should include the following:

  • A clear outline of what the company does and does not do.
  • A list of the company’s core values should be outlined clearly.
  • Policies for dealing with complaints, customer service, legal affairs, and health & safety.

Standard Policies to Ensure Top-Notch Products And Services

The standard policies will help you to ensure that your products and services are top-notch. The policies can be used to make sure that the employees are following the company’s standards and guidelines.

– Product Quality Policy: This policy is designed to ensure that all products meet certain quality guidelines and are safe for consumers. It ensures that all products meet specifications and quality standards, which is important for customer satisfaction and product usability.

For example, MidtownUmbrellas have set standard sizes and dimensions for all their patio umbrella products. Standard size following an umbrella size chart should be established as part of quality control.

– Company Policies: This policy outlines the values, mission, vision, and core principles of the company, which will help employees understand what they should do when they work at your company.

What to Consider When Creating Standard Policies for Your Business?

Businesses are always in need of standard policies and procedures to ensure that they are operating efficiently. But it is important for companies to consider the following before creating their own rules and regulations. When creating your company’s policy, you should be aware of the local state laws. You should also consider the type of business that you run and how you want your policies to be implemented.

There are three main ways in which companies can establish their own policies: The company makes up the company’s own rules and regulations; The company adopts a set of standard policies, such as those developed by the National Retailers Association in the United States; And the company follows a set of franchise operations manuals that provide detailed instructions on operating procedures.

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Banning hunting is a policy that seeks to stop hunting in the country and other countries. Organizations and other institutions directly or indirectly connected to hunting recreation are obviously affected by this ban but these institutions respect this law.

Ballachy, a business that sells firearms and other hunting gear focused more on recreations like birdwatching in favor of the hunting law.

Banning Hunting Is Not New

Banning Hunting: The idea of banning hunting is not new. It has been around for a while, but it has only recently gained popularity. The ban on hunting is seen as a way to protect animals and the environment from human-hunting activities.

Hunting Ban: The ban on hunting originated in England in 2005 when the British government passed an anti-hunting law. This law was created to protect animals and the environment from human-hunting activities and to prevent animal cruelty.

Anti-Hunting Law: The law was created by Prime Minister Tony Blair, who was concerned about the future of wildlife populations due to human-hunting practices. He wanted to end this practice and protect these animals, so he founded the Hunting Act 2004.

The law was created to conserve game and wildlife populations. The law is very strict because it does not allow hunting in the United Kingdom for any animal other than foxes, badgers, and hare.

How Banning Hunting Has Affected Wildlife in the U.S. and Globally

Hunting has been a long-standing tradition in the U.S. for centuries, but it has come under attack in recent years by both animal rights activists and environmental groups. In the past few decades, hunting has been banned in many countries around the world due to its negative impact on wildlife populations.

Hunting is one of the most controversial practices in the U.S., but it is also an important part of American culture and heritage that should not be overlooked or forgotten.

The Australian government also recently passed a law banning the hunting of kangaroos and other wildlife. This new law is an important step in the progress of environmental conservation efforts.

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Conclusion: The Future of Animal Welfare is Getting Better with the Hunting Prohibition Act

The hunting prohibition act is a law that prohibits the hunting of animals in the state of California. The law was passed in 2016 and became effective on January 1, 2017.

This act has had a positive impact on animal welfare. It has been seen as a positive step toward ending animal cruelty and promoting animal rights.

The hunting prohibition act is one of the many laws that have been passed in recent years to protect animals from harm. These laws have also helped to promote animal rights and prevent animal cruelty.


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Female Politician


It’s been thirty years since Gore “took the initiative in creating the net,” twenty years since William Jefferson Clinton and Bob Dole launched the primary presidential campaign websites, a decade since Howard Dean first embraced social networking to mobilize supporters and over five years since Ron Paul raised $6 million in the future with the primary “money bomb.”

What campaigns are missing

While many candidates are setting out to make inroads within the adoption of digital strategies, most campaigns and consulting firms still neglect the bread-and-butter of online marketing: SEO.

SEO is standard practice for companies and organizations, large and tiny, attempting to drive traffic from search engines. Virtually exceptional in many communities, however, is the implementation of SEO strategies on political websites by professionals like SEO experts.

This phenomenon holds true the least bit levels, from local council elections to status, nationally recognized Presidential contenders. As well as recognizing it as a viable campaign investment, the candidates, their campaign managers, and their consultants fail to work out the total potential of political SEO.

The importance of ranking for your own name

Many political campaign websites don’t rank for the candidates’ own names – even high-profile, well-funded campaigns.

Recently, I probe for Chris Christie’s official website by keying within the phrase “Chris Christie.” The official campaign website didn’t appear anywhere within the primary ten pages of results. Instead, I found dozens of articles from Politico, The NY Times, the Huffington Post, and also the Daily Kos — several of which were critical of the Governor.

Imagine looking for your favorite brand and finding not the official website, but dozens of bad reviews of the products. A marketing professional would get to figure immediately to resolve the difficulty – no questions asked.

As individuals still intercommunicate the web to research candidates’ backgrounds and policies, it’s even more important that

candidates closely monitor their reputation online and have strategies in situ for handling potentially problematic issues. Political SEO may be a strategy that works.

Two decades of political websites and campaigns still fail to comprehend the marketing potential of the web.


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Neglecting high-traffic keywords

According to Google Adwords, over 90,000 people are attempting to find the precise phrase, “Chris Christie” monthly. Larger than the population of Trenton, New Jersey is this amount of traffic. And rather than finding the official campaign website, these people are likely reading criticisms instead.

would naturally find this performance unacceptable is a campaign manager. What could have easily placed Chris Christie’s official campaign site within the highest search results is a well-tailored SEO campaign if implemented early enough.

Recent polls suggest that Chris Christie is one of the foremost popular politicians within the US. In nearly every poll, he leads gubernatorial contender Barbara Buono. While this level of neglect is evident in future campaign cycles – especially in 2016 if Christie decides to last President, It’s unlikely that his campaign team views SEO as critically important.

A campaign with a robust understanding of SEO could easily use it as a method against an unprepared candidate. A savvy campaign might launch a website the same as “MullinFacts.Com,” an internet site from the 2012 election cycle that contained negative information regarding Markwayne Mullin. Got by an opponent within the Oklahoma 2nd District election, the location was well-optimized for Mullin’s name – and contained very negative information. The positioning could be damaging if the Mullin campaign had not been prepared.

Being significant to the success of any campaign’s digital strategy, an SEO strategy allows candidates to more effectively impact voters’ first impressions online.


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Dave Portnoy


Over the approaching months, many thousands of words are going to be written about Donald Trump’s presidency and also the way forward for the political party. With the leaders abandoned him on the eve of two successive general elections, he used the GOP to win the White House with little or no help from the institutional party, and that they were happy to permit him to appoint 234 judges to the federal bench and sign one account within the first year of his administration. As swiftly as he entered them on the fateful day of the escalator, Trump will disappear from the political considerations of Republican elected officials.

As tacitly made its peace with the New Deal when the oldest living Americans were children, the movement and its institutions have not been synonymous with the political party despite what some have argued. What the movement offered the party instead was a sort of geological survey: a map of the sedimentary layers in American political life, and therefore the potential riches waiting to be unearthed by skillful miners of right-wing popular opinion.

Like many observers, including an infinite number of the president’s loudest detractors, i think that Trump brought the conservative movement to an end. But what its destruction means are a few things very different from the prophecies of permanent Democratic supermajorities issuing forth from the previous president’s critics. Trump’s greatest achievement was recognizing that within the 2012 presidential election, the old movement vein had been exhausted which a way richer one was awaiting exploration, which is one that speaks much more than his actual record in office to his business acumen.


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What Trump recognized was that there are voluminous Americans who don’t oppose or perhaps care about abortion or twosome, much less biological research or any of the opposite causes that had animated traditional social conservatives.

Unlike the literal clear acrylic bar stools, the Barstool conservative movement won’t have institutions in any recognizable sense, in no way think tanks or highbrow magazines, but it’ll be larger, more geographically disparate, younger, and doubtless more male. It’ll also, I suspect, be more racially diverse, very similar to the portion of the electorate that gave Trump 74 million votes in 2020.

What remains of the old conservative movement, where will Barstool conservatism leave? within the case of free-market dogmatists, I feel there’s almost zero daylight between them. Meanwhile, a tiny low number of earnest social conservatives are disgusted. The new order of things is what I think that a majority of them will gladly make their peace with.

This is partly because while Barstool conservatives might regard, say, homeschooling families of 10 as freaks, they are doing not regard them with loathing, much less consider their very existence a threat to the American way of life as they are aware of it. Social conservatives themselves have largely accepted that, with the possible exception of abortion, the good battles are lost permanently. Even with nine votes on the Supreme Court, Oberfegell will never be overturned. Instead, the simplest that may be hoped for may be reasonable recusancy, a limited accommodation for some hundred thousand families who hold close traditions that within the decades to return will appear as bizarre as those of the Pennsylvania Dutch.


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Everyone is talking about street art. But the artists who spray house-high graffiti or high-quality paint such as power boxes have very different motifs. “StreetArt in Germany” is the name of a Facebook page with almost a million likes. Its founder posts around a dozen pictures there every day showing art in public spaces in German cities. Timo Schaal had the idea aside. The Mannheim artist and DJ started taking and collecting photos of street art five years ago. Especially stencils, small paintings based on stencils, were noticed by Schaal in the city on the Neckar. From then on he traveled through Germany to track down street art. He took photos in Dresden, Hamburg, Berlin and quickly came across other street art photographers.

Because he noticed that his circle of friends was very interested in street art, Schaal founded the community on Facebook, for which he now receives between 100 and 400 photos from members every day. Schaal’s definition of street art is broad. He says: “I approach it with the greatest possible openness. Whether it’s a professional artist or someone who writes a line on a piece of paper: For me, that’s all part of it. ”For him, street art is everything people use to express themselves in public spaces.


Schaal believes that giving expression to one’s own thoughts, even if one is not in the art scene, is the motivation for many street artists. But art always has something to do with one’s own ego. Some do it to spread their own names around town and make them feel a little more meaningful. Humor also plays a major role in German street art. According to Timo Schaal, this is due to the fact that the Germans are doing comparatively well. In other European countries such as Greece or Ukraine, more attention is paid to politics. In Germany, too, there is criticism of the system in street art, but not to the same extent as in other countries.


Sebastian Pohl from the Munich association “Positive Propaganda” doesn’t think that street art has to be political just because Germans are generally fine. He complains about the lack of will to protest against politics. Among other things, NoName deals with the injustices of capitalism with the work “Buy Euro Bonds”. The inscription is emblazoned on a facade on Munich’s Altstadtring. In addition, a truck he designed and labeled “Exploit” drives through the entire city every day. In a prosperous city like Munich, this is a symbol that one’s own prosperity is often at the expense of others. Street art is also becoming commercialized. Large companies hire artists for advertising campaigns that are well received by customers, precisely because street art is so popular. And so, in addition to beautifying the city and denouncing grievances, there is a new motive for doing street art in Germany: money.

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A move by Metro Police to get rid of politics from the choice process for its lucrative towing contracts was after all a politically motivated endeavor by elected officials, including then-Clark County Commissioner Steve Sisolak, to favor one company, consistent with competitors, and is tantamount to a monopoly.

No Towing Sign


“It was political. one hundred pc,” says Yaron Cohen, owner of Fast Towing, of the choice by Metro to contract with AutoReturn, a towing management company that has been blamed for increasing costs to consumers in a number of the quite twenty-four cities and counties it serves.

“We aren’t any longer within the towing business,” Metro Sheriff Joe Lombardo told this via text, citing the 2016 contract that put AutoReturn responsible for choosing tow companies and storage yards for vehicles towed at the direction of police. In exchange, Auto Return tacks on a $25 charge to customers’ bills for each law enforcement-related tow it dispatches — an estimated 2,000 vehicles a month off from accident scenes, at DUI arrests, or for parking violations.

Metro recently renewed the contract for five years.

The arrangement has cut the previous half-hour truck latent period in half, consistent with Metro, and reduced the chance of officers clearing accidents.

“Quick crash removal and clear roadways improve public safety, commerce, and citizen services,” says the website for AutoReturn, the towing management company contracted by Metro at no cost to police. Instead, the dispatch service charges an extra fee when owners reclaim their cars.

“They (police) aren’t any longer within the towing business because they put a middleman accountable,” countered former Clark County Commissioner Chris Giunchigliani, who says Sisolak, from his position on the County Commission and Metro’s Fiscal Affairs Committee, did the bidding of SNAP Towing owner Bob Ellis, who lacked a towing contract with Metro. Just like the best professional towing San Jose people have, Ellis’s SNAP Towing subsequently became one among the businesses contracted by AutoReturn to tow and store vehicles at the request of enforcement in Southern Nevada.

Sisolak, now governor of Nevada, didn’t answer requests for comment submitted to his campaign.


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If initially, you don’t succeed….

Ellis, a Henderson businessman, has long sought to make the most of enforcement towing and storage contracts, per insiders and public records.

A prolific contributor, Ellis donated some $55,000 to Sisolak’s campaigns during the last decade. He’s contributed $27,500 to Republican gubernatorial hopeful Lombardo since his first endure sheriff.

In addition to SNAP Towing, Ewing Bros., and Walker Towing, a subsidiary of Ewing, were selected by AutoReturn to tow and store vehicles.

Earlier this year, Davidson contacted AutoReturn about joining the rotation.

“The Vegas Metro PD won’t be adding any additional towing companies to their rotation,” AutoReturn responded.

Unlike its contracts with other government agencies, which specify vendors, AutoReturn’s local agreement allows the corporate, not Metro, to pick out tow companies and storage yards.

Henderson and North urban center police have signed on with AutoReturn, but North metropolis retained the correct to decide on its tow vendors.

Metro’s practice is out of step with the police department’s goal on its website “to strive for open and fair competition” and “encourage all qualified vendors to participate in our solicitation opportunities,“ say critics.

“The issue of towing was obviously highly politicized in an exceedingly way no other contracting issue we’ve got ever faced was,” says Metro CFO Richard Hoggan, citing extensive legislative debate on the difficulty.

“As we all know from past experience, dictating which operators AutoReturn contracts with will quickly become political, complicated, and potentially unseemly,” Hoggan said.

Cohen maintains the “selection process” was purely political.

“Bob Ellis approached me. He approached Quality. He approached Ewing Bros. He said he was visiting to get the AutoReturn contract and wanted to merge with another company.”

Cohen says Ellis “decided to travel with Ewing.”

“I don’t know why Fast Tow’s name has come up,” Ellis said in a very text, adding he “met with them several times 8 to 10 years ago.”

“After research,” Ellis says he “felt it wasn’t a partnership I wanted to be involved in.”

Via phone, Ellis denied working with AutoReturn to get Metro’s contract. He referred inquiries to AutoReturn CEO Jerry Carnahan.

AutoReturn spokesman Sam Singer says the corporate “partnered with a gaggle of towers. They were all well-regarded towing companies.”

Metro’s contract with AutoReturn names Snap Towing, Ewing Bros., and Walker because the designated subcontractors.

“Around 2013/2014, there was pressure from elected officials to revisit that model,” Hoggan said. “Commissioner (then) Sisolak was the foremost involved. Commissioner Brown also supported a restructure within the two-vendor rotation model.”

Hoggan says Metro was asked by Sisolak and Brown “to find a more robust model and to initiate a letter of invitation for Qualifications process that might provide an objective evaluation of tow operators.”

Metro added a 3rd company, Fast Towing.

Ellis passed on a chance to use to affix the rotation, consistent with Cohen.

“In order to possess a Metro contract, you have got to possess some million dollars of pricy equipment,” he says. “Ellis failed to want to shop for it. He had a little tow company.”

Ellis says that’s not true, but wouldn’t elaborate.

Operators complained the measure would have stifled competition and put them out of business by requiring increased storage lot size and capacity.

“They don’t make money towing trucks or cars from accidents,” attorney Don Campbell, representing Ewing Bros., told commissioners at the time. “Where they create their money is from storing them. That’s why the proponent wants to require it away.”


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