Niki Haley’s Defeat in South Carolina Primary Led to Loss of Koch Financial Support

Ex-president Donald Trump emerged triumphant in the South Carolina Republican presidential primary election over the state’s former 2-time governor Niki Haley. It was a resounding defeat for Haley, who is also a former UN Ambassador, as her failed South Carolina performance led to the Koch Network’s withdrawal of their financial backing for her candidacy.

siuth carolina flagApparently, there’s little love lost between Haley and the people in her home state as the results of the 2-person primary election for the Republican nomination were heavily in favor of Trump. The ex- US president garnered 59.80% votes while the ex-state governor collected only 39.80%. Trump’s victory also won him 47 Congressional delegates while Haley got only three (3).
Previously, despite the defeats suffered in three other states, Haley said she is not backing out of the Republican contest for this year’s presidential nomination. Actually, Trump’s share of the South Carolina caucus was the highest compared to the two other states where he won.
The results were similar in New Hampshire, where Trump collected 54% against Haley’s 43%. Haley had previously contended that the 43% votes she collected in New Hampshire indicated that a lot of Republicans are looking for an alternative candidate to represent the Republican party in the forthcoming November 2024 elections.
Yet in Iowa, Trump garnered 51% of the ballots cast by the Republican voters while Haley mustered only 19%. The Nevada caucus result of 99% was a given in favor of Trump and technically the highest because his nomination in the state was unopposed.

Haley Also Lost Financial Backing of the Koch Network’s Americans For Prosperity

After Haley’s dismal February 24 performance in her home state, the Koch Network’s advocacy entity, the Americans For Prosperity (AFP), announced the withdrawal of their financial support for the former South Carolina governor.

donald trump campaigningAccording to current AFP CEO, Emily Seidel, the decision to do so came after AFP’s policy arm took stock of the group’s campaign spending. Although Seidel said the AFP remains firm in their endorsement of Niki Haley, their group has decided to devote its financial support for Republican delegates vying for seats in the Congressional Houses. Seidel explained that

”Given the strong support elicited by Trump from the majority of the Republican voters in the 4 primary caucuses, the group has decided to focus its campaign spending on where they can make a difference.”

Jackalyn Feliks