Talks about politics and finance must be taken seriously, and we just could not afford hearing biased details coming from unknown individuals. Ensuring that all the reports we deliver are fact-based is one big step towards progress and unity. Fighting lies and deception online is important, and we should all act together to stop the spread of so-called fake news.

Throughout our long history, we know that chaos is often rooted in deceit. In our world today, getting fresh and reliable information is the only solution to fight deception. Before it’s too late, we should have a brave heart in hearing only the truth and nothing but the truth.

The problem with fake news easily circulating online is that the people’s perception towards the government and society become so skewed. If someone decides to write a fake news article about politics, this will cause a public sway of opinion that will result to further political divide.

People will find themselves arguing among themselves over things that are made up by someone with his or her own vested interest. The worst part is the possibility that a handful of fake news peddler we know today are only servants to a person in power, who will benefit the most from all these misinformation.

Here at WWRL 1600, we only bring you the latest and reliable information from the most trusted sources.