Republicans and Pro-Life Group Calls DeSantis’ Abortion Stance Unacceptable

Republican presidential candidates, former VP Mike Pence and South Carolina Senator Tim Scott berates Gov. DeSantis for his flimsy anti-abortion stance. The anti-abortion group Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America also criticized DeSantis for his deliberate failure to uphold federal prohibition against abortion, calling DeSantis’ stand against anti-abortion “unacceptable.”

DeSantis Says Ban on Abortion Best Implemented Per State

The Florida governor recently came out with a statement voicing the opinion that abortion ban would be best decided on a state level.

Still, DeSantis gave assurance that he will champion the pro-life and anti abortion policies by way of a bully pulpit all the way to the White House Oval office. He vows to help state and local communities advance the cause of life. The Florida governor maintains the belief that Congress will not institute anything meaningful to legislate policies that prohibit restriction nationwide.

Former VP Mike Pence and SC Senator Tim Scott, are seizing the opportunity to promote their pro-life advocacy for their presidential bid. Mike Pence expressed his pro-life support, promising to be the group’s champion. Unlike Florida governor DeSantis who enacted the anti-abortion bill in his state but without any intention of advancing the legislation throughout and across the nation should he become president.

Republican Senator Tim Scott, on the other hand, strongly says that Republicans must not give up on life. He is in fact against the abortion-on-demand being pushed for in Blue states.

Jackalyn Feliks