Politics and Bad Governance


Politics can be defined in several ways. Depending on the perceptions of people or how a person sees it. Its definition could be because of something like experience, observations, well disregarding its technical or objective meaning.

When we say politics, for most people, it is dirty. It is complicated. It has a lot of hidden agendas. It is all about corruptions when it should be all about serving the people. This is because our government, the politicians, the simple workers or public employees are all related to politics.

It is quite saddening to see people having a really bad connotation with regards to politics. However, we cannot blame these people for having this kind of perceptions. With all the bad and negative happenings around the world under bad governance, people really are into having not so good thoughts of politics.

Too bad, such negative perceptions cannot be changed in just a snap. It is not easy as terminating or preventing pests. It is not as accessible as those companies who offer house cleaning services like eltaqwa-co.com. For these people, every action of the government is mixed with politics. And no matter how good the first impression was, people will always look on the present situation and if the current situation is sinking due to bad governance, the new thinking of people towards their leader will be the one to last.

Not all government workers and politicians have bad intentions. Some are really genuine on how they serve the public or their people. This is a must, given that if you are serving the public, you must really have clean intentions and your top priority should be the people’s welfare. Leaders should not be the pests, they terminate pests. Leaders should not destroy their people’s lives, they protect them and even give them their rights.

Napier Quinten