Another Gun Control Backlash can Hurt GOP’s Chances in the Midterms

The growing confidence that Republicans had in taking back House leadership is fast eroding after the second most violent school shooting happened last week. The Robb Elementary school shooting incident in Uvalde, Texas, had once again demonstrated how loose gun control laws enabled an 18-year mentally unstable person to purchase an AR-15 assault rifle.

A few days after buying the gun, the shooter used it in killing 2 school teachers and 19 helpless 4th grade school children. To many Republicans, the incident was untimely because the National Rifle Association (NRA), the largest political donor of Republican candidates, was about to celebrate the Second Amendment to the US Constitution, which gave US citizens the right to own and bear arms for whatever reason they deem it necessary.

Anti-Abortion and Gun Control Issues Do Not Bode Well for Republican Candidates

However, the spate of mass shooting incidents this year, which has already totaled 223 in May does not bode well for Republican candidates. This latest development further impacted support for the Republicans, when in April it was learned that the Supreme Court is poised to overturn the Roe vs Wade ruling made 50 years ago. The said ruling somehow prevented other states to enforce their anti-abortion laws in the past decades but are still in place in the event that said Supreme Court ruling is reversed.

Apparently, Republicans will face debates over abortion and guns on shaky grounds. Many in the highly educated sector and most people in the suburbs where GOP candidates suffered defeat, do not support anti-abortion laws. Although many support the second amendment, nearly 89% wants to have stricter regulations over gun ownership.

Will Democratic Candidates Win More House Seats this Coming Mid-term Election?

Democrats on the other hand have gained much support in major US cities and in white-collar communities where people greatly support giving women the right to choose abortion when necessary and in instituting stricter gun control laws.

These are the same political points of view that earned Democrats the votes they needed to regain control of the House of Representatives in 2018.

Jackalyn Feliks