Social Media & Politics: Online Presence Rules


Without a strategic approach to building an online presence, your group’s efforts to use social media for political communication will hardly bear fruit. Even the most avid “posting” of news will have little impact unless embedded in a communications strategy.

Rules for a successful social media and politics online presence

Know your target group

Political messages placed online must be tailored to the different groups in the electorate. The different groups can be young, old, socially committed, people with a strong self-reference, well-off, low-income, people with a strong sense of responsibility towards the environment, or rather thoughtless. The aim here is to clarify which sections of the population can best be reached with the respective concern and activated as followers.


Know what you want

Formulas that describe a mission are recommended for the objective of the social media strategy.

Activate the user

Social media should not only serve to present the parliamentary group and its work to the network community. Of course, the focus must be on dealing with the content of the political issues. However, entertainment is also allowed and is almost expected on all social media platforms.

You generate sympathy if, as a politician, you occasionally allow glimpses into your private life. Short posts of personal impressions, each with a picture create closeness and connection and motivate users to like, share or even comment on the respective post.

Take the social seriously

Social media in politics means not only posting. It is also sharing and commenting on the content of fans and followers. This strengthens the virtual loyalty of the online community. Followers can express their political support at the next local elections.

To encourage this helpful interaction, the faction needs to stay close to the users. Therefore, determine in the communication strategy how responsiveness is guaranteed.

Know what you achieve

Merely defining the goal and determining the measures required to achieve it is not enough. Continuous monitoring of the degree of goal attainment is always necessary.

What have you achieved with your campaign so far? Ask yourself this question regularly and use social media management tools to get answers.

Brennan Quinten