Instagram Post Scheduling Software : Maintaining Consistency of Brand Promotions

instagram PhotosSocial media managers believe that scheduling posts in Instagram andInstagram Post Scheduling Software, Content Scheduling Tool, Brand Promotions, consistency then using a schedule guide, creates consistency in brand promotions. They are one in saying that consistency is a valuable trait because it adds integrity and credibility to the aesthetically -pleasing photos and videos posted in Instagram.
Instagram viewers are highly motivated to interact with posts that are consistently interesting and engaging the moment they spend their spare time visiting the site. Brand promoters and marketers therefore should make it a point to stay consistent in crafting posts that their target audience enjoy viewing.

How Can a Content Scheduling Tool Help in Developing Consistency in Instagram Posts

Consider this, the Instagram social media site has more that one billion users actively taking part in the site’s social activities. Out of those one billion, 25 million are business accounts that compete tediously to grab the attention of online consumers, by posting photos and videos of products that their respective target audience regard as highly interesting.
After all, the recent marketing data published in June 2023 revealed that an estimated 54% of IG users who use the platform’s shopping features, buy directly or have considered buying products offered by various Instagram-based online shops.

The revelation is deemed by social media brand marketers as the positive result of consistency in posting photos, and videos regularly; or as features of Reels, Stories and even IGTV, which is now integrated as an Instagram section.
Now here’s the thing — brand owners want to make certain that their Instagram audience will continuously view their content and engage with them by way of online purchases. That is actually the main goal of using a post scheduling tool that organizes and arranges ahead of time the dates when photos and videos will be released for publishing in the Instagram network.
Providing a steady and consistent stream of information goes a long way in giving satisfied customers the online shopping experience they enjoy at Instagram.

Basic Steps in Using Instagram’s Post Scheduling Tool

Instagram posts that have been scheduled in advance can save brand promoters and marketers a lot of time and money. Especially if one is to schedule posts in batches to streamline workflow processes. At the same time, users gain additional time in planning, developing, improving and polishing multiple IG posts.

1.  The first step that must be taken is for users of the scheduling app to create a business account or craft a content creator profile to distinguish personal posts from non-business posts. Combining the two can cause confusion to the AI running the site’s Feed Ranking System.

2. Users can do everything right within the dashboard; from cropping or resizing images, to adding captions, tags and hashtags.

3. Connect the IG Business or Content Creator Account to the Scheduling Software.

4. Create or upload your photos or videos but do not forget to write down the corresponding captions.

5. Upload photos and videos, whilst choosing the IG channel where you want the scheduled posts to appear; i.e. regular photos or videos, Stories, Reels or IGTV. However, make sure you are using a business account to provide the site’s algorithm with data to use in releasing site feeds.

6.After doing so, tap the “Add Content” button to store the scheduled posts; adding tags, hashtags and geographic location.

7. Set the schedules for each Instagram post and when done, tap on the Schedule button located in the lower right corner.

Jackalyn Feliks