Understanding Political Gift Giving

If Christmas was around the corner, for a lot of Government officials it would be every day.

Politics has always been a source of debate. Turning on the television each morning is a testament to that. Each party or individual have either personal or in cases, party goals. They all come up with noble but sometimes circus like ideals. To some of which would entail positive or negative results. Such as the arena that we have known since the time of the Greeks. Politics is usually linked with power. It would be dependent on the people to either believe words of these politicians. Or to think for themselves which their mind says “That’s right” or “Am I hearing these things right”?

What Politicians Need/Want For The Holidays

In reality those are not the only factors for the common folk. There is a lot to that. Gifts used in politics influence human behavior. A simple monetary gift would mean a vote. In politics, some use gifts to exercise power so they can control or manipulate others. There are some who expect repayment for the gifts they offer. Sometimes, it can equate to a more positive economic outcome. Some politicians use gifts to express solidarity or friendship.

Government use gifts to provide for the people. An example of this is providing health insurance and financial help such as loans to people. Gifts don’t matter either if they are tangible or intangible. But this is politics. Unfortunately, a lot of people even those who could distinguish good from bad are weak. They still follow those who lead them. Even if they go against the law and violate rules and regulations.

This is the reality that we face every day. Do our leaders make their decisions based on the greater good for all? Or do they sit everyday beside the chimney and wait for Mr. Clause to deliver the gifts even if they are a bad apple?

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Brennan Quinten