Putin Officially Recognizes 2 Ukrainian Regions as Pro-Russia

This week, Russian President Putin recognized two Ukrainian regions as independent pro-Russian territories; signifying agreement to Russia’s occupation. That being the case, the US government believes that Russian troops will make a move to occupy the two regions on Monday evening.

The Russian president signed decrees that recognize the Luhansk People’s Republic (LNR) and the Donetsk People’s Republic (DNR) as Russian allies, which was recently broadcasted on state television.

A United Nations Security Council meeting was urgently held at Ukraine’s request to US Ambassador to Ukraine, Linda Thomas-Greenfield. The latter said that Putin’s action of recognizing the two territories is only an excuse to invade Ukraine, and that referring to the forces as ‘peacekeepers’ is just nonsense.

US Government to Sanction Ukraine’s LNR and DNR regions

As response, POTUS Joe Biden will order new sanctions to be imposed, regarding financing and trade in the Moscow- reNR and DNRcognized territories. President Biden will sign an executive order that would bar US citizens and entities from trading, financing and making new investment either to or from the LNR and DNR regions. The White House also mentioned additional measures will be imposed as a result of Russia’s violation of international commitments.

In the meantime, the US government continues to observe Russian preparations for a wider invasion, such as mobilizing equipment for airborne units, as well as loading amphibious ships, im addition to preparing their troops for a Ukraine invasion.

According to a senior US administration official, Russian troops are getting closer to the border but diplomatic solutions remain as options, not unless Russian tanks start rolling in past Ukraine’s borders.

Jackalyn Feliks