Lessons Politics Learn from Carpenters



Hessen’s carpenters celebrated a premiere in March: On the occasion of the first spring reception guests from politics, crafts and society came to Aßlar to the company Pfeiffer GmbH & Co. KG. Keynote speaker Dr. Hermann Otto Solms, honorary chairman of the Free Democrats, called on the carpenters like to accompany the new grand coalition critically.

With regard to the coalition agreement, he made it clear “that there is no progress for the economy”. It was a “business as usual” and the agreement of the coalition partners without perspective. Demographic change, globalization, and fewer skilled workers are now challenging the economy and in the future. “We need to become more flexible and efficient and adapt to the challenges,” says Solms. The economy must focus on this. prepare. For the doubling of tax revenues in recent years, It is important to note that those who have achieved this increase will be left to something. But “there is nothing in it from a tax point of view”. It is therefore necessary to review the projects of the Grand Coalition to accompany them critically.

State guild master Wolfgang Kramwinkel welcomed fellow craftsmen from Hesse and Rhineland-Palatinate. Including the President of the Chamber of Crafts Wiesbaden Klaus Repp, District Master Craftsman of the Lahn-Dill District Craftsmen’s Association Ralf Jeschke, and its managing director Sebastian Hofmanns. Accepted the invitation also the former president of the Landesinnungsverband für das Tischlerhandwerk Reinhard Nau. Further greetings were given by Klaus Repp and Ralf Jeschke, who In this context, it is important to stress the importance of the role of the European Parliament in the development of the European Union.


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In his welcoming speech, Kramwinkel illuminated the Light and Shadow of the coalition agreement. Vocational training and the “planned Exemption from fees for prospective masters is very welcome.” The long overdue step in the right direction “forces the Equal treatment between academic and vocational education’. Boys This opens up new and future-oriented craftsmen and women Career opportunities. The personal promotion sought creates a Uniform and competition-neutral regulation, with which Carpenters pave the way for higher qualifications.

He delivered a colorful bouquet of topics for discussion. The new GDPR, bureaucracy reduction, and diesel driving ban lined up alongside vocational training, digitalization, and recruitment of young talent.

Holm Pfeiffer, Managing Director of Pfeiffer GmbH & Co. KG, welcomed the guests. He introduced the company and thanked it when to be the first organizer of the Hessian spring reception.

With this first event, the Hessian carpenters founded a new tradition. Henceforth, they meet annually at a company to fill the dialogue between crafts, politics, and society with life and to promote. Getting to know, networking, and discussing are goals that Entrepreneurs are important. The exchange of information lays the foundation for making oneself heard. Dialogue between crafts and politics means also to learn from each other in order to meet future challenges together master.

Lyda Feliks