3 Famous Politicians That Were Once Substance Abusers

Barack Obama


They are usually held to the next standard than the final public and want to take care of an honest image in the least time. While politicians could appear put together, they’re still human, and abuse knows no bounds.

Addiction Among Politicians

With such high-pressure lives, it shouldn’t be surprising that drug abuse in politicians can occur. While there are politicians who use drugs or alcohol to address their hectic lives, most aren’t willing to admit it.

Barack Obama

Famously came out and admitted his drug use in his younger years was former President Barack Obama. He has confessed to using various sorts of drugs including most notably, cocaine. The simplest part of Obama’s story is that he was ready to eventually become the President of the US. If you, too, are combating abuse, addiction treatment conducted by facilities like detox Phoenix AZ could facilitate your turn your own life around.


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Patrick Kennedy

This former House of Representatives member from Rhode Island has personally struggled with psychological state problems that led to addiction. Instead of hiding his issues, Kennedy has incorporated his personal experiences into his political program. He’s now an advocate for the psychological state within the US and was appointed to the President’s Commission on Combating habituation and also the Opioid Crisis. If you or a loved one is battling a poor psychological state alongside addiction, holistic addiction treatment will specialize in just the physical aspects of addiction alone.

David Paterson

A former big apple state governor, David Paterson admitted in a very television interview that he had tried both marijuana and cocaine in his young twenties. “More Americans have gone on to steer responsible lives and hopefully have lived their lives to the fullest and tried lots more during that period of your time,” he went on to mention. While many young adults experiment with drugs, it’s important to acknowledge when experimentation turns into an addiction and you wish help with formal treatment.

Politicians certainly aren’t perfect. There are politicians who smoked, politicians who have used drugs, and lots of politicians who have lied about their drug or alcohol use. It’s important to recollect that everyone makes mistakes, but you’ll be able to learn from them and move forward together with your life.


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