Substantiation That Cannabis Oil Work As A Medicine For Chronic Diseases

About: RSO

Named after a famous Canadian activist, Rick Simpson Oil commonly called RSO is a full extract of cannabis oil that is effective in treating very chronic diseases. Rick Simpson was diagnosed with skin cancer and said the benefits of RSO contributed directly to his salvation. Many people know from this statement, and some have argued that stage 4 cancer has been alleviated after using RSO since then. And Rick Simpson oil for sale all over the world, because of its effectiveness.

This all began in 1969 when Rick’s cousin was diagnosed with skin cancer. The doctor first treated her cousin with surgery and then received chemotherapy. They believe this treatment is a success. Three years later, Rick’s cousin collapsed in conversation. After further investigation, the doctor lived only 3-6 months. He fell to 55 pounds and died 3 months after the second diagnosis. 

 Using Marijuana As a Medicine


The endogenous cannabinoid system is a scientific fact, not a theory or point of view. All animals except insects have ECS. ECS was discovered by scientists studying marijuana-brain interactions. This is why they named the internal cannabinoid system (endo means that internal and cannabinoids are compounds contained in cannabis plants). ECS has two main functions. 

  1. Retrogressive System

    Prior to the uncovering of ECS, researchers thought that signs from the human body only stream in just one route. With all the breakthrough of ECS, ECS pointed out that the body can send and receive signals. this is very important. Because if the body can’t communicate with itself, it can’t repair itself.

  2.  Homeostasis

    Homeostasis is defined as: “Interactive elements tend to be particularly balanced by physiological processes.” 12 different systems work together in the body. Another key function of ECS is to (always) maintain the internal balance of the body between all of these systems. Similar to the conductor of the orchestra. 

There are some politicians who were diagnosed with cancer make use of this treatment in curing their cancer, because of effectiveness, but a high dosage of cannabis oil is no longer curable. High dosage of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) will make you “high” and that is the reason.

Shevon Shane